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StudentFilmmakers Magazine, October 2008 Table of Contents

Light Your Subject’s Face for the Most Flattering or Most Dramatic Effect
Build the Best Lighting Scheme for Your Subject
by Saro Varjabedian

It Pays to Be Prepared: Tape Your Magazines
Filming in a railroad yard for ‘To Live and Die in LA’.
by Jack Anderson

A Conversation with Roger Deakins, ASC, BSC
Camera Movement Techniques, the DI Technology, Working with Directors, and More
by Jacqueline B. Frost

Filmmaking – A Collaborative Art Form
The Importance of Having a Camera Operator on the Set
by David Heuring

Critical Utility for Gorilla Television
Simple Suggestions for Braving the Elements
by Carl Filoreto

How to Deal with Scene Stealers, Drunks, Druggies and S.O.B.’s
What to Do When They Come Onto Your Set
by John Badham

An Interview with Stan Lee
His Legends Continue
by Scott Essman and Carsten Dau

Documentary Research
In Search of the Truth
by David Kaminski

Create More Balance and Clarity in Your Audio Mix
The QS on EQ
by Bryant Falk

7 Mistakes You Can Avoid While Working On Staff
A Television Writer’s Tale of ‘The Staff from Hell’
by Pamela Douglas

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