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StudentFilmmakers Magazine, November 2006 Table of Contents

Interview with Law & Order Cinematographer Bill Klayer
Episode, Home Sweet; Shot on 84th St.
by Kim E. Welch

The Truth Behind the Imaging Magic
by Ira Tiffen

Revealing the Secrets of the Universe through Cinema
Insights on what makes an emotionally gripping story
by Michael Karp, S.O.C.

Director Ben Wu Discusses Shooting Docs on DV
Cross Your Eyes Keep Them Wide Screens at 2006 Telluride Film Festival
by Jody Michelle Solis

Filming the Issue:
Documentary Filmmakers Ellen Bruno
by Patrick Drazen

The Benefits to Production
by Mark Simon

Shooting Effective B-Roll for Dramatic Films
Continuity, Cutaway, Client, and Creativity
by George Avgerakis

Getting Good Performances…
Or At Least Avoiding Bad Ones
by Mark Kerins

Future Is Here: The Digital Intermediate Process
Revolutionizing Post Production and Influencing On Set Production to Distribution
by Myrl A. Screibman

DV & POV: The Camera as Character
Call Me Ishmael, I Am Your Camcorder
by Dana Weidman Dorrity

Special Makeup Effects and Pre-Production
There’s No Such Thing As Being Too Prepared
by Todd Debreceni

Using Firearms and Other Weapons in Student Films
Important Safety Guidelines
by Fred P. Watkins

Compressors and Limiters   
Tools to Help Control the Level of Your Audio
by Bryant Falk

Job Advice for Camera Assistants
Tips for First and Second ACs
by David E. Elkins

Product Review: Sony Vegas + DVD
Could 7 Be Sony’s Lucky Number?
by Jeff Deel


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