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StudentFilmmakers Magazine, May 2008 Table of Contents

Focal Length and Filter Strength
What is the Relationship?
by Ira Tiffen

Modern Cinematography
Recent Stylistic Trends in the Industry
by Saro Varjabedian

International Cast Makes Reservations
First-Time Feature Director Aloura Charles
Successfully Wrangles Ensemble in Award-Winning Film
by Mary Ann Skweres

How the Last Shot is Only the Beginning
Directing Your Actors After the Cameras Have Stopped Rolling
by John Badham

Collaborating with Your Editor
The Importance of Different Perspectives
by Myrl Schreibman

7 Guidelines for Getting the Best Performances Possible
From an Actor’s Perspective
by Vanessa Daniels

Lav It Up!
Effectively Mic Up Your Talent
by Bryant Falk

On the Set, In the Studio Film Biz Lingo
A short guide to some of the most frequently questioned terms.
by Chris Cavallari

You Can Do Your Scheduling Without Fancy Software
DIY-Style Scheduling and Budgeting
by Michael Corbett

Traveling with Your Video Gear
Knowing When to Take It, Leave It…or Carry It on the Plane
by Carl Filoreto

What Does a Production Designer Do for Film Production?
A complex job description revealed.
by Tushar Unadkat

Working the Festival Circuit Like a Pro
Four Point Strategy for Optimum Results
by Phil Hall

Getting Financing for Your Independent Film
Ensuring Distribution and Choosing Scripts
by Christina DeHaven

3 Reasons Why Teachers Should Go to NAB
Post-NAB Reflections
by David Kaminski

StudentFilmmakers Magazine NAB 2008 Best Choice
Lowel DV Creator 55 Kit
Vegas Pro 8

Lifecasting Primer
Techniques and Important Safety Precautions
by Todd Debreceni

Filmmakers Networking
This Month’s Featured Networkers



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