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StudentFilmmakers Magazine, May 2006 Table of Contents

Red One: Is It Real?
by Jon Firestone

Makoto Shinkai: Do-It-Yourself Animator
by Patrick Drazen

Going Global with Film Festival Winner Taron Lexton
by Lauren Simpson

Pre-Production: The More Organized You Are, the More Creative You Can Be
by M. David Mullen, ASC

Makoto Shinkai:All This HD Footage…What Now?
The HD Editing Basics
by Ryan Hensley

The More Things Change…
by Leonard Guercio

HD Production Options:
Choosing Your Format and Then Your Camera
by Julia Camenisch

Notes on Working with Young Actors
by Sebastian Corbascio

Hard Drive Recording:
The Answer or Just More Problems
by Bryant Falk

13 Things Bad Screenwriters Commonly Do
by Brad Schreiber

No Limitations:
The Screenwriter as Writer
by Michael Halperin

Budgeting for Guerilla Filmmakers 101:
Avoid the 4 Most Common Budgeting Mistakes
by Anthony Q. Artis

Buster and the Magic Tomb
by Bruce Kawin

Review of Canon REALiS SX50
by George Avgerakis


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