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StudentFilmmakers Magazine, March 2008 Table of Contents

Camcorder Choices
Confusion, Complexity and Challenges
by Carl Filoreto

Create the Look of Smoke
An Alternative to Working with Artificial Smoke
by Ira Tiffen

This Month’s Top FAQs:
Discussions on Cinematography, Lighting, Film Stock, and More…
Filmmakers Ask M. David Mullen, ASC

Madame Tutli-Putli‘s Journey to the Red Carpet
Lavis and Szczerbowski Bring Human Emotion and Expressiveness to Stop-Motion Puppets in Their 2008 Academy Award-Nominated Film
by Mary Ann Skweres

Inside Casting Sessions
Casting Your Actors – and When Your Actors Cast You
by Myrl Schreibman

Bradley Tangonan Discusses Award-Winning Short Film, Coaster:
Flash Backs, Cuts to Black, and Split Screen to Drive Story
Clever Edits Manipulating Time and Mood
First Place Winner

Jon Yang Focuses on the Dreamlike Side of the Noir Genre and Captures Its Essence with Echapper
Masterful Editing, Cuts and Fades
Second Place Winner

Tomas Salles on Shooting, Animating, and Editing Dark Humor Short, Equilibrio
Message and Metaphor through Seamless Digital Effects
Third Place Winner

Picking the Right Audio Mixing Console for Your Production
Includes 4 Big Questions to Ask
by Bryant Falk

Ten Important Things You Should Know Before Contacting Distributors
Proper Communication Can Open the Door to New Opportunities
by Phil Hall

Traditional DVD Distribution Deals: How Much Will You Make?
Wholesale vs. Retail
by Stacey Parks

Filmmakers Networking Community
This Month’s Featured Networkers



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