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StudentFilmmakers Magazine, March 2007 Table of Contents

Sunrise and the Pot of Gold
Defining ‘What is Light?’ and Controlling Color for the Most Effective Images
by Ira Tiffen

Notes on Camera Movement
When to Move the Camera and Why
by M. David Mullen, ASC

Camera Department: How to Get Your Foot in the Door
18 Key Questions You Should Ask During a Job Interview
by David E. Elkins, S.O.C.

Understanding Your Actors
3 Levels of Consciousness
by Myrl Schreibman

Anthony Hopkins Traverses Indie Filmmaking Frontiers
Veteran Actor’s Debut as Writer/Director: ‘Slipstream’ Premieres at Sundance
by Mary Ann Skweres

Writing the Third Act
Resolving Your Plot with the Climax
by Dana Dorrity

Playwright/Filmmaker/Firefighter David Paterson:
From ‘Love, Ludlow’ to ‘Bridge to Terabithia’
by Glen Tickle

Compressing Video for Mobile Devices
You Can Take It with You
by Chris Cavallari

Audio Quick Tips: The Camera Mounted Shotgun
Alternative Miking
by Bryant Falk

Networking at Film Festivals
Improving the Odds of Successful Self-Promotion
by Fred Ginsburg, C.A.S., Ph.D.

Film Distribution FAQ
Top 4 Questions of the Month
by Stacey Parks

Advice on Working with Rental Houses
Things You Can Do to Streamline the Process
by Kevin Zanit

A Filmmaker’s Checklist and 10 Important Questions
Creating Lists from Pre-Production to Post
by Melissa Ulto

Si, Se Puede! (Yes, We Can!)
Beginner Filmmakers Take the Plunge Creating A Meaningful Short Doc Exploring the Debate of Illegal Immigration in the US
by Brian Liloia


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