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StudentFilmmakers Magazine, June 2007 Table of Contents

RED ONE: One Year Later
Is It Ready?
by Jon Firestone

What Is Digital Cinema?
… And What Isn’t Digital Cinema?
by Simon Walker

The Importance of Maintaining Continuity of Effects
Polarization, Contrast, Diffusion, Flare, and Color
by Ira Tiffen

Brian Melton Discusses ASC Award-Winning Short, ‘Red Autumn’
Techniques Used to Create Mystery, Suspense, and Drama
Interview by Jody Michelle Solis

Why Shooting Film Still Matters
Film Remains the First Choice for Many Filmmakers
by Leonard Guercio

How We Completed a Film Shoot during an El Niño Storm
A Producer’s Story
by Myrl Schreibman

Strange Culture: Reinventing the Documentary Form while Telling an Important Story
Short Q&A with Filmmaker Lynn Hershman-Leeson

Award-Winning Director/Producer Myrl A. Schreibman Workshop & Book Signing
Sponsored by StudentFilmmakers Magazine,, and Watson-Guptill Publications

Prepping for Wireless
Tips and Essentials for Fixing and Avoiding Equipment Failure
by Bryant Falk

Two Major Ways of Financing Your Film for Distribution
… And Guaranteeing Distribution When Your Film is Complete
by Stacey Parks

HD Formats and Editing Software
What is the Best Format to Select for Your Production?
by Lew Schatzer

Filmmakers Networking Community
This Month’s Featured Networkers


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