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StudentFilmmakers Magazine, June 2006 Table of Contents

Lighting Big Spaces
Challenge of Working with Larger Units on Low Budget
by Kevin Zanit

The Making of Shadow of Afghanistan
by Mary Ann Skweres

Sex & Camping:
The Making of a 2006 Cannes Film Festival Official Selection
by Jody Michelle Solis

Dead End Job Wins Best Student Visionary Award at Tribeca:
Something from the Heart and Not About Gimmicks

Q&A on Lighting
by M. David Mullen, ASC

Talking to Your Crew and Cast
by Arthur Vincie

Actors Are Not Plug-and-Play
Getting A Scene On Its Feet
by John Badham

HD Solutions:
Finding a Path That’s Right For You
by Leonard Guercio

Audio & Animation:
What comes first?
by Bryant Falk

Shooting A Rock Band Documentary:
Roving Cameras around a Live Gig
by Sebastian Corbascio

The Essence of Editing:
Much More Than Technical Aspects of a Program
by Paul Ewen

How We Made A Movie for Less Than $1000
by Glen Tickle

One from the Heart – Anatomy of an Animation Enhanced Video
by George Avgerakis

The Business Side
From Start-up to Success
by Michael Wiese


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