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StudentFilmmakers Magazine, July 2008 Table of Contents

Effectively Balance the Brightness of Different Scene Elements
Neutral Density Grad Filters
by Ira Tiffen

Tools and Accessories for the Camera Assistant
Must-Have’s for Your Ditty Bag or AKS case
by David E. Elkins, SOC

Surgical Filmmaking: Inside the Operating Room
“This entails a whole different set of camera movement issues.”
by George Avgerakis

Exclusive Interview with Daryn Okada, ASC
Okada Discusses the Direction of the ASC, and Shares His Insights on the Future of Digital Acquisition, Digital versus Film, and Some Techniques in Cinematography
by Jody Michelle Solis

Lighting for Film: Keep It Simple
And Play with Better Tennis Players
by Michael Corbett

Seven Insider Tips on Successfully Casting Your Film
Succeed by Casting Great Actors
by John Badham

Editing Structure: Avoid Over-Cutting
Cross-Cutting, Parallel Editing, and Inter-Cutting
by Richard D. Pepperman

Raiders of the Lost 80s
What’s a Filmmaker To Do after Creating an Icon?
by Scott Essman

Can Films Make a Difference?
Writing Consciousness-Raising Stories
by Catherine Ann Jones

Find, Capture and Create an Endless Flow of Ideas
Where Do You Get Ideas?
by Dr. Linda Seger

Impatience: A Huge Career Stopper
The Waiting is the Hardest Part
by Christopher Keane

Key Pointers for Entering Works in Student Film Festivals
Get Started Now
by David Kaminski

5 Things Sales Agents Look for in Films
Post-Cannes Reflections
by Stacey Parks

Filmmakers Networking
This Month’s Featured Networkers



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