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StudentFilmmakers Magazine, July 2006 Table of Contents

An Adventure in High Definition Filmmaking
Working with the HD Format
by Jon Firestone

Interview with ‘Hot Tamale’ Director Michael Damian
by Jody Michelle Solis

Lighting Practically
Amplifying Your Practical Sources to Get the Light You Need
by Saro Varjabedian

Lighting vs. Illuminating
Tips from a Lighting Director
by Jeffrey M. Hamel

Learn How the Movie Ends Before It Begins
Planning for Post-Production     
by M. David Mullen, ASC

Editing the Truth from the Hype – NLEs
by Marc Franklin

Music and Your Movie
Finding the Right Musical Cues
by Leonard Guercio

Recording for MTV’s The Shop
Capturing That “On Location” Audio Style
by Bryant Falk

The Importance of Finding the Right Talent
and Where to Find Them
by Scott Eggleston

CalArts Tribute:
A History of Emerging Filmmakers
by Mary Ann Skweres

Interview with Filmmaker Paolo Dy
First Place Winner of the
Bogen Imaging Film and Video Shorts 2006

Video Techniques: The Shutter
by Thomas McKenney

Set Politics and Working with the Talent
by Kevin Woods

Serious Magic’s
DV Rack
by Marc Franklin

10 Low Budget Guerrilla Ideas
by Anthony Q. Artis

JVC’s New HDV Offerings
GY-HD200U and the GY-HD250U
by Jon Firestone

Marketing Your Movie
Effective Campaigns Start Early
by Robert Marich

10th Annual Cine Gear Expo 2006
StudentFilmmakers Joins Exhibitor Line Up


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