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StudentFilmmakers Magazine, January 2008 Table of Contents

Specialty Night Shots: The Nighttime Blues
Mission: Create an Eerie Look for Flashback Sequence
by Carl Filoreto

Q&A with Matthew Libatique, ASC:
From Indies to Blockbusters and In Between
Award-Winning DP Discusses Lighting for Genres, Camera Movement, Color Palette and More
Interview by Jacqueline B. Frost

11 Pearls of Wisdom Garnered through Directorial Experience
Eliciting Best Performances while Keeping Your Set Running Smoothly
by John Badham

Feature “Bone Creek” Fires Up High Def Production
Challenge: New Format, New Workflow, and Achieving the ‘Film Look’
by Michael Corbett

A New Narnia
Adamson and Evan-Jones Collaboration Continues with Expanded Methodologies & Techniques
by Scott Essman

Tricks for Getting a Cleaner Audio Track
Cooking With Audio
by Bryant Falk

10 Best Practices for Top Notch Podcasting
Getting Content Creation Savvy with the New Medium for the New Year
by Chris Cavallari

Deliver the Epiphany to the Audience ‘Again’
Injecting Energy into Your Cinematic Work
by Michael Karp, SOC

On Set Effects Supervision: A Case Study
Working with Greenscreen
by Mark Sawicki

7 Approaches to Financing Your Independent Film
Advice on Private Investors, Tax Rebates, State Subsidies, and More
by Stacey Parks

Shooting from the Hip … and the Shoulder
Experiences and Techniques for Operating Handheld Film and Video Cameras
by Bill Zarchy

Filmmakers Networking Community
This Month’s Featured Networkers



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