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StudentFilmmakers Magazine, January 2007 Table of Contents

The Eyes Have It…The Marvel of Viewing Filters
Various Filters and Applications
by Ira Tiffen

Feature Film Lighting in Three Points
Key Light, Fill Light, and Back Light
by George Avgerakis

‘Quick Change’ Lighting
Includes 9 Tips for the Time-Saving Technique
by Paolo Dy

First Place Winner of the 2nd Annual Summer Shorts Competition, Director/Writer Chris Vincze on EVOL: Love in a Backwards World
Shooting in the Busiest Street in London Rain

Second Place Winner of the 2nd Annual Summer Shorts Competition: Director/Screenwriter Ivona Juka Details the Making of Editing
Is It Life, or Is It Chroma-Key?

Third Place Winner of the 2nd Annual Summer Shorts Competition Christine Knowlton Discusses Documentary Short, Going Blank
Artist Interweaves a Personal Story with Factual Strokes and Imagery

An Experienced AdWoman Takes on the Film Business
Director Amy Nicholson Finds Parallels in Advertising & Film in Documentary, Muskrat Lovely
Interview by Jody Michelle Solis

Special Make-up Effects for HD
What HD Won’t Hide
by Todd Debreceni

Final Cut Pro Editing Power Tips
Techniques That Can Save You Time
by Larry Jordan

Compression for the Portable Media World
Shooting for the Internet and Compressing Video
by Chris Cavallari

Putting Your Best Work in Your Reel
Guidelines for Five Types of Demo Reels
by Jeff Deel

 Fundraising For Your First Feature
Pete Chatmon Writer/Producer/Director of Premium Breaks It Down
Interview by Anthony Q. Artis


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