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StudentFilmmakers Magazine, February 2008 Table of Contents

A Synchronized Light Show
Creative Music Video Lighting to Test and Refine Your Chops
by Kevin Zanit

Seeing the Light: Working with a Combination of Filters and Internal Reflections
Remove Distracting ‘Infernal’ Reflections
by Ira Tiffen

What to Consider When Going Tapeless
Procedures to Take on a Tapeless Workflow
by Saro Varjabedian

What is Realistic Cinematography?
by M. David Mullen, ASC

Solutions for Your Actors’ Onset SNAFUs
Best Practices for Worst-Case Scenarios
by John Badham

Independent Director’s Guerilla Field List
Arm Yourself with Back-Up Resources and Ingenuity
by Roger Marsh

An Interview with Anastas Michos, ASC
From Big-Budget Studio Films vs. Indie to Internet-Based Filmmaking
by Leonard Guercio

The Interview Process: Guide Your Subjects through to Get the Best Responses
A Few Helpful and Often Overlooked Elements
by Matthew Marshall

RED ONE: Living Up to the Expectations?
First Impressions of the Camera
by Jon Firestone

Get Your Own SFX Library Up and Recording
A Quick Start Guide
by Bryant Falk

Don’t Let Your Original Footage Run the Risk of Living in Oblivion
On Creating, then Destroying, Your Original Video Media
by Bill Zarchy

Different Forms of Layoff for Stages of Editing
From the Earliest Stages to that Final Output
by Daniel Gaucher

Will Local Productions Work for Indies?
Keeping an Open Mind in Terms of Co-Productions
by Stacey Parks

Filmmakers Networking Community
This Month’s Featured Networkers



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