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StudentFilmmakers Magazine, February 2007 Table of Contents

Insights into Lighting and Shooting HD
Exclusive Interview with Thomas Ackerman, ASC
by Jody Michelle Solis

Motivational Imagery
Using the Story to Get the Most Captivating Shot
by Saro Varjabedian

Using Documentary Techniques to Craft Stories
A Look into ‘United 93’, ‘Bloody Sunday’, ‘The Road to Guantanamo’, and Other Films
by Dana Dorrity

Shooting Effective B-Roll for Documentaries
How to Shoot Coverage & MEM B-Roll and the Advantages
by George Avgerakis

Digital Intermediate: The Wave of the Present
A Quantum Leap in Creative Control Over the Final Look of a Film
by Steve Wright

The Creative Catalyst
An Unassuming Maverick Who Quietly Reinvented Industry Standards
by Ira Tiffen

New Filmmaker Ruben Obregon on La Primavera
Texan Filmmaker Utilizes His Experiences in the Navy to Create an Award-Winning Short
by Jake Lovell

Stereo vs. Mono Recording
…And the Impact of Surround Sound
by Bryant Falk

Mounting a DV Cam to a Motorcycle
… For a Low-Angle/POV Action Shot
by Brian Flees

Storyboarding: Directing Shots
Telling a Visual Story, Varying Shots, & Introducing Movement
by Mark Simon

Establishing a Meaningful Connection with Your Audience
Four Basic Ingredients to Season Your Screenplays
by Michael Karp, SOC

Post Production Workflow of Reality Series, ‘Blind Date’
Career Advice & Lessons Learned from Behind the Editing Room
by Daniel Gaucher


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