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StudentFilmmakers Magazine, December 2006 Table of Contents

Michael Apted Straddles Features and Documentaries…
But the Up Series is the ‘Most Important Work I’ve Done’
by Larry Jaffee

Reflecting On…Reflections
How to handle them and how they’ve contributed to modern lens design
by Ira Tiffen

New Latin Filmmaker Adam Schlachter on Award-Winning Short, My Backyard Was a Mountain
Student Project Creates the Illusion of a Different Time and Place
by Jake Lovell

Understanding the Written Word to Get Character-Driven Screenplays
Working with and analyzing the text is at the heart of any good filmmaking
by Myrl A. Screibman

Stories That Need To Be Told: Director Richard Linklater’s Fast Food Nation
Turning a Non-Fiction Bestseller into a Dramatic, Narrative Feature Film
by Dana Dorrity

Mounting Cameras to Vehicles
Foundation to Making Your Action Shots Succesful
by Brian Flees

Seven Suggestions for Stellar Soundtracks
Thinking About Sound Throughout the Entire Filmmaking Process
by Mark Kerins

Loopularity & Exploring the Intersection of Sounds and Moving Image
Mapping Musical Concepts to Visual Thinking
by Maurice Methot

Transforming an Actress into “Gertrude Stein” from Molds to Makeup
Design Tips for Creating Believable Makeup FX & Appliances for Close-Up Work
by Todd Debrecini

Scripting a Deal for Novice Film Investors
Defining risks and rewards to the new film investor in simple language
by William F. Vartorella, Ph. D., C.B.C.

My Movie Is Complete…Now What?
The Independent Filmmaker and New Media
by Ben Williams

Approach to Assuring Your Success as a Professional Crew Member
The Production Golden Triangle
by Michael Corbett


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