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StudentFilmmakers Magazine, August 2008 Table of Contents

Camera Work and Capturing Happy Accidents
The Elusive Search for the Joyous Happenstance
by Saro Varjabedian

Finesse in the Field
Techniques for Deriving the Most Punch from Your Jib Moves
by Carl Filoreto

Create the On-Set Environment that Your Actors Need
Key Tips to Remember “On the Day” of Your Film Shoot
by John Badham

Three Things to Remember when Writing Mysteries
“The best mysteries are about the mystery of character.”
by Dennis Palumbo

What is the Role of a Costume Designer on a Historical Film?
Five Major Areas that Shape the Job and Influence the Outcome
by Richard La Motte

The Power of Ambience
Don’t Overlook This Key Ingredient
by Bryant Falk

Conversations with a Master Cinematographer
An Exclusive Interview with Ron Dexter, ASC
by Jody Michelle Solis

On Campus
Columbia College Hollywood
Maine Media Workshops
Script Supervisors’ Successes at Cinema Arts Tech

Tech Focus

In Search of Alternative Camera Moves and POV Shots?
8 Techniques for the Steddiepod’s 8 Functions

Unique Online Screenwriting Tools

This Month’s Featured Networkers



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