Back Issue | Digital Edition: StudentFilmmakers Magazine, 2015, Vol. 10, No. 1

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This Issue Includes: “Working with Actors: A DP’s Perspective” by Peter Stein, ASC; “Lighting for Depth: Techniques for Adding Depth to Your Shots” by Scott Spears; “Shot in the Dark: A Sony A7S Setup that Opens Up New Shooting Possibilities” by Jon Firestone; “Directing Means Communicating: Working with Your Cast and Crew,” by Jonathan Moore; “Mastering the Master: 7 Important Things You Should Know” by Jack Sholder; “Directing and Acting in the Same Film” by Jeff Turboff; and many more articles. For the full Table of Contents, see below.


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Working with Actors
A DP’s Perspective
by Peter Stein, ASC

Lighting for Depth
Techniques for Adding Depth to Your Shots
by Scott Spears

Shot in the Dark
A Sony A7S Setup that Opens Up New Shooting Possibilities
by Jon Firestone


Directing Means Communicating
Working with Your Cast and Crew
by Jonathan Moore

Audition Tips
How to Get the Right Actors for Your Films
by Peter John Ross

How to Use Action Verbs
A Quick Tip on Adjusting the Intensity of Your Actor’s Performance
by William Dickerson

Mastering the Master
7 Important Things You Should Know
by Jack Sholder

Directing and Acting in the Same Film
“As a filmmaker, learning something about the craft of acting is arguably one of the single most important things you can do to up your game.”
by Jeff Turboff

Director Marc Lawrence Rewrites His Own Story
“The Rewrite features an all-star cast, including Hugh Grant, Marisa Tomei, J.K. Simmons, Allison Janney, Chris Elliott, and Bella Heathcote.
by Scott Essman


An Introduction to Audio Metering
How Loud Should My Dialogue Be Recorded?
by Fred Ginsburg, CAS, PhD

Ultra performance, ultra functionality.

Production Design

Nathan Crowley and Gary Fettis
Production Design and Set Decoration of “Interstellar”
by Scott Essman

Professor’s Perspective

If I Had to Choose Only One Film to Study…
“A Clockwork Orange”
by David Worth

Is Cinema Studies Really Important to a Production Curriculum?
To Have and Have Not
by Dean Goldberg

Post Production

Lee Smith
Editor of “Interstellar”
by Scott Essman

The Joy of X and the Generator
Check Out These Generators
by Bart Weiss


Story Device
Interspecies Love
by Pamela Jaye Smith and Monty Hayes McMillan


Documenting Archeology Off the Irish Coast
by William Donaruma

Denny Tedesco Brings 1960s Studio Musicians to the Fore
With The Wrecking Crew
by Scott Essman

Film Business

Living and Working Your Dream
by David Kaminski

3 Landmines to Avoid When Making Your Movie
Independent Film Distribution
by Jerome Courshon

Product Placement in Your Indie Movie
Is Product Placement Worth an Indie Moviemaker’s Time?
by Theresa Pickett


The Actor’s Eyeline
Notes on Camera Position
by Regge Life

The Phantom Flex4K High-Speed Camera
Toni Lucatorto, Media Products Manager, Vision Research, talks about the Flex4K

The JVC GY-LS300 4K Handheld Camera
Craig Yanagi, Manager, Marketing and Brand Strategy, JVC Professional Video Division, talks about the GY-LS300 4KCAM S35mm Camcorder

Stock Footage

Announcing the New
Exclusive Interview with Phil Bates, Artbeats President and Founder

Meet the Rental House

Professional Sound Services
New Ft. Lauderdale Location

Call for Entries

Ikan Fly! Smartphone Film Contest
Sponsored by Ikan

Directory Guide

Global Marketplace



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