Filmmakers Forums Community Spotlight with Valerii Matvieiev, Composer

StudentFilmmakers takes five to chat with Valerii Matvieiev, the composer behind the forum profile, Ulysses65, that we have interacted with in the Filmmakers Forums Online.
Filmmakers Forums Community Spotlight with Valerii Matvieiev, Composer

Valerii Matvieiev was born in Potsdam, Germany, in 1965, and attended two music technical schools, a higher engineering school, and an economic institute. He has a son and grandson and is living in Ukraine. He has worked at several FM radio stations. Valerii now writes music for video and films.


How did composing music become a career for you? What’s your musical background?

Valerii Matvieiev: I started composing music in my school years. True, it was naive and for my own pleasure. It was during my studies at music schools in the piano and accordion classes. Professionally, I started doing this much later, after a long practice in various ensembles and training in non-musical educational institutions. Besides music, I have engineering and economics education background. In 2004, I opened my own studio, and from that moment, I started working as a composer and arranger.

What technologies, software and gear, as well as instruments do you use to compose your music?

Valerii Matvieiev: In the process of creating compositions, I use the Logic Pro X editor as the main tool. It contains built-in sampler, synthesizers and processing. Of course, third-party instruments are also used, mainly Spitfire and Vienna, as sources of orchestral sounds. Since I am a pianist by profession, it is most convenient for me to use the keyboard midi controller, with which I play all the parts in a piece.

Can you describe your creative process for composing music?

Valerii Matvieiev: The process of making music is pretty simple for me. I turn on the computer, start the editor, select the tool and put my hands on the keys. Just listen to what God will send into my head today… Sometimes, of course, I have to write specific works to order, but this does not change the process. I just ask what notes will sound in my head when I ask God about it.

What advice can you give about maintaining relationships with clients and collaborators?

Valerii Matvieiev: Relationships should always be built on respect. Each person deserves attention and a conscientious attitude towards himself, otherwise. If not, there simply will not be a relationship. Love your customers. Filmmakers Forums Community Spotlight with Valerii Matvieiev, Composer


Valerii Matvieiev, Composer

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