“Should I Go to Film School, or Get a Job?

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Here’s what 3 award-winning filmmakers share about that topic…
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“Should I Go to Film School, or Get a Job?”


“I think it really depends on where you want to end up. School is a great place. I have nothing against film school or anything like that. But, in my case, I think, ultimately, added to me actually getting employed. It’s that whole thing about being at the right place at the right time.”
~William Klayer

“I would advise them not to go to film school, at least not right away because a lot of what you give as a filmmaker will be life experience, will be things that you encounter, people that you encounter, experiences you encounter outside of the film world. I may be biased because I didn’t go to film school off the bat, but I really think it’s important that you find that kind of life experience and get to know yourself before you try to become a filmmaker because otherwise you will be an artist without anything to talk about. And you might end up as one of those people who do nothing but make films about films, you know? Tends to get boring after a while.”
~Paolo Dy

“One of the benefits of art school training was the constant pressure to explore the creative urge, go further, and redefine goals and standard. Early on, we were told to do drawings of a subject until we were happy with them and pick the best one. The instructor then told us to throw it away and do another that would be better than the best. This taught me not to feel precious about my own work, my ideas, and explore further. And surprise yourself.”
~Hiro Narita, ASC

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