Student Filmmakers Resource Links

  • 2-POP Forums is a Digital Filmmakers Forums and News Site with an emphasis on Post Production
  • STUDENTFILMS.COM is a great place to discuss schools and  showcase videos.
  • CINEMATOGRAPHY.COM is a great site for asking cinematographer questions. They might be a bit on the technical side but a great place for Q&A
  • CINEMATOGRAPHY.NET has a number of emailing lists you can join and participate and learn from cinematographers world wide. 
  • CREATIVECOW.NET  Is an old site that has been around for awhile and kept relevant with Forums, Articles and Tutorials
  • AVID COMMUNITY AVID Forums and tutorials by the Avid Customer Association
  • FCP.CO Final Cut Pro Forum and Articles
  • DVXUSER.COM Online Filmmaking Community
  • WGA.ORG Writers Guild of America
  • SOC.ORG Society of Camera Operators
  • THEASC.COM  Amercian Society of Cinematographers
  • ICGMAGAZINE.COM International Cinematographers Guild Magazine
  • DGA.ORG Director Guild of America
  • SAGAFTRA.ORG Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists
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