Purchase College State University of New York – Center for Media, Film, and Theatre Projected to Open Fall 2018

Excitement is building as the Center for Media, Film, and Theatre (CMFT) nears completion. Construction is projected to conclude this fall and the building will open for use in fall 2018.

This week, several members of the faculty, staff, and administration got a sneak peek at the construction underway.

The CMFT will create a new center for the Conservatory of Theatre Arts, the School of Film and Media Studies, and related arts programs.

The original college plans had called for an additional building to house Theatre Arts next to the Visual Arts Building at the southwest end of the plaza. This building was never constructed, and the programs are currently spread out in a number of different buildings on campus.

The CMFT will serve as a place for collaboration between conservatory programs  and liberal arts programs.

For more information, visit https://www.purchase.edu/live/news/.

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