Post NAB2014 Newsbytes | Industry Professionals Speak – Eric Auclair of Cinemecanix

Did you meet anyone interesting or did anything interesting happen at your booth at the 2014 NAB Show? Was the show busy for you?

Eric Auclair of Cinemecanix (
“Our customers this year at NAB 2014 were as expected, Production houses, TV stations, High-end Professionals. The responses were phenomenal from anyone who tried our rigs. A lot of customers from last year returned and congratulated us for our attention to the needs of cameramen.


“We displayed and answered questions non-stop from opening to closing and in fact I was also interviewed many times before and after the show hours. The NAB Show is the one place to see what is new in the market of cinema and broadcast, but it is also a place where you make friends for life.”

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