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Borja Cobeaga’s Eramos Pocos Makes a Date with Oscar: The Experiment and Challenge of the Short Film: Mixing Drama and Comedy by Mary Ann Skweres


Lighting Realistically: Day and Night Interiors, and Unique Lighting Challenges in The Astronaut Farmer by M. David Mullen, ASC


Employing MacGyver’s Process of Ingenuity on Set: Broad Knowledge Base, Thorough Assessments, and Limitless Imagination by Saro Varjabedian


Five Categories of Camera Movement: Human Support, Wheeled Vehicles, Levers, Wires and Aircraft by George Avgerakis

in camera

Choosing Among In-Camera and In-Post Imaging Options: What Can Be Done in Post vs. Capture by Ira Tiffen


Shooting an HD Horror Movie in 15 Days: A Look into Lens Choice, Scouting, Lighting, and More… by Adam Biddle


¡Sí, Se Puede!: (Yes, We Can!) by Brian Liloia


A Filmmaker’s Checklist and 10 Important Questions: Creating Lists from Pre-Production to Post by Melissa Ulto


Advice on Working with Rental Houses: Things You Can Do to Streamline the Process by Kevin Zanit


Audio Quick Tips: The Camera Mounted Shotgun: Alternative Miking by Bryant Falk


Compressing Video for Mobile Devices: You Can Take It with You by Chris Cavallari


Playwright/Filmmaker/Firefighter David Paterson: From Love, Ludlow to Bridge to Terabithia by Glen Tickle

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