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Litepanels Intellectual Property Statement

By StudentFilmmakers.com
posted Oct 16, 2012, 20:00

Here are some facts that are important to know when considering this case.

Litepanels - LUMA and CROMA

Litepanels Intellectual Property Statement

The following statement is in response to the considerable amount of disinformation being spread across the internet regarding Litepanels' recent legal action taken to protect its intellectual property. Below are some facts that are important to know when considering this case.

  • Litepanels does not hold patents "on all LED technology." We do hold patents for specific applications using specific designs which use LEDs, all of which required substantial financial investment and years of research and development before they could meet the high standards of cinematography professionals.
  • Litepanels does not "want a monopoly on LED lighting." We have for years licensed our technology to other manufacturers, some of whom sell their products for less than comparable Litepanels products (mainly as a result of substantially lower labor and R&D costs). We welcome other manufacturers to license our IP as well.
  • Some of the technology in Litepanels products is patented by other companies and as we respect the IP of others, we pay them licensing fees to use it.
  • Litepanels encourages other manufacturers to design and develop their own innovative lighting products, including those containing LEDs. Many have and will certainly continue to do so without infringing on our patents.
  • Litepanels develops, designs and assembles all of our products in our Los Angeles office and assembly plant.

For further details about Litepanels' position please visit www.litepanels.com/ip.




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