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Continuing Education and Workshops for Professionals

2013 Content & Communications World Educational Program
The 2013 Content and Communications World educational program will feature over 200 speakers addressing the latest trends in content creation, management, distribution and delivery.
Jul 16, 2013, 12:04
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DV Expo Update: LA Post | Production Conference
The LA Post and Production Conference will take place on Wednesday, September 25 - Friday, September 27, 2013.
Jul 16, 2013, 11:59
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GV Expo Update: The 2013 Pro Media Conference Call for Presentations Submission Is Open Until September 30, 2013 at Midnight
The Pro Media Conference brings together the content creation community with a program that will educate, motivate and engage professionals working in media and entertainment, video and audio production, internet and mobile video, AV, government, corporate video environments, and IT.
Jul 16, 2013, 11:51
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The Filmmakers Workshop: Connecting Filmmakers with Industry Veterans
The Filmmakers Workshop is their flagship event, a three-day conference that connects talented young filmmakers with Hollywood industry veterans.
Jul 11, 2013, 11:41
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Vortex Media Workshops: Education and Training for Video & Television Pros
The primary focus of their 2013 workshops schedule is on interview lighting, producing corporate video, and basic techniques for high-definition production.
Jul 11, 2013, 11:38
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Academy Award Nominee Alex Buono Inspires Bluefin Media's Video Team
Bluefin Media interacts with Academy Award nominee Alex Buono in an advanced cinematography workshop.
Jul 10, 2013, 10:02
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UFVA Member Sumner Jules Glimcher Hosts Meet the Filmmaker with Tom Hayes
You are Cordially Invited to MEET THE FILMMAKER, (Tom Hayes) on Wednesday, July 17, 2013, 6:00 - 8:00PM.
Jul 9, 2013, 15:39
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Mark Bauer Presents: "Beyond the rule of thirds: themes and trends in landscape photography"
Date: Thursday, September 19, 2013. Time: 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM BST.
Jul 9, 2013, 14:45
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Maine Media Workshops Gathers Visual Storytellers
Major names in photography and film come together as Maine Media Workshops and College marks forty years of teaching and mentoring students in the media arts.
Jul 8, 2013, 12:43
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Tiffen's Upcoming Schedule of Webinar Wednesdays
Tiffen's next webinar is Wednesday, July 3rd.
Jul 1, 2013, 12:24
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Infiniteskills' "Learning Premiere Pro CC Tutorial Video" Offers Extensive Insight to Professional Video Editing Techniques
Software training firm InfiniteSkills Inc. this week released its Learning Adobe Premiere Pro CC Tutorial, an 18-hour training course designed to teach both beginning and experienced Premiere users to quickly and efficiently integrate the latest version of this professional-level video editor into a video production workflow.
Jun 13, 2013, 17:52
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This Month's Live Training Event: Advanced Avid FX 6 with Kevin McAuliffe
Perfectly timed with the new Avid FX 6.3 release, Toronto-based Avid editor, Kevin P. McAuliffe, will be demonstrating.
Jun 13, 2013, 16:08
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GTC/STLD LED Lighting Seminar Sets the Standard
A seminar and workshop on television lighting will be held on 22 June 2013 at Sky Studios in Isleworth, London, featuring the work done within the EBU LED project. The event is organized by the GTC (the Guild of Television Cameramen) in association with the STLD (Society of Television Lighting and Design).
Jun 11, 2013, 17:08
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Hone Your Social Media Skills for Journalism at EIJ Conference
No matter your skill level, the Excellence in Journalism conference (Aug. 24-26 in sunny Southern California) is for you! Social media is relevant in the newsroom now more than ever.
Jun 11, 2013, 16:53
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DIRTY WARS starts Fri: Jeremy Scahill, Cornel West, Chris Hayes and More in Person
DIRTY WARS starts Fri!
Jun 7, 2013, 16:09
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Register Now for Multicam Editing with Final Cut Pro X :: Seminar Date, June 12th
Rev Up Transmedia, Multicam Editing, Final Cut Pro X Seminar
Jun 6, 2013, 14:16
read detail...

Color Correction Using Final Cut Pro X :: Seminar Date, July 17
Rev Up Transmedia Seminar, Color Correction, Final Cut Pro X
Jun 6, 2013, 14:04
read detail...

Join Tiffen for Webinar Wednesdays: Explore Landscape Photography, Techniques and Tools
Explore landscape photography along with techniques and tools to get results with Tiffen.
May 20, 2013, 16:40
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Don't Miss Thursday Night Workshop: Final Cut Pro X, Manhattan, New York, 7pm-9pm
Announcing Thursday night workshop: Best Practices and Techniques for Editing in FCP X with Patrick Reis.
May 6, 2013, 16:28
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Music Pioneer and Artist Manager, Glenn "Sweety G" Toby Presents "The Art of Management" Workshop
Music Manager and former hip hop artist Glenn”Sweety G” Toby is proud to present The Art of Management Workshop.
May 3, 2013, 13:25
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Register for New Peter Stein, ASC Advanced Cinematography Workshops
May 3, 2013, 13:09
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Don't Miss NYPV's "Agora Phobia" Seminar on Monday, May 20, Manhattan, NYC
Learn tips and techniques for expanding, diversifying, and growing your videography business and profitability.
May 3, 2013, 13:07
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Register Now for New Final Cut Pro X Workshop in Manhattan, NYC
Thursday, May 9, 2013, 7:00pm-9:00pm
May 3, 2013, 13:04
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Join Award-winning Director and Editor, Diana Weynand, for Final Cut Pro X Live Online
Rev Up Transmedia invites you to join best selling Author and award-winning Director/Editor, Diana Weynand, for Final Cut Pro X LIVE ONLINE.
May 3, 2013, 13:01
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Don't Miss Tomorrow's Training: Everyday VFX with Boris Continuum Complete
Join Steve Holyhead as he teaches you the ins-and-outs of creating vfx that youll use daily.
Apr 29, 2013, 16:46
read detail...

Live Training Event Next Week: Everyday VFX with Boris Continuum Complete
Join Steven Holyhead as he teaches you the ins-and-outs of creating VFX that youll use daily
Apr 25, 2013, 12:26
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LOOK Effects to Participate in FMX Conference
LOOK Effects will be participating in the program presented at the FMX Conference in Suttgart, Germany next week.
Apr 22, 2013, 13:02
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Don't Miss Tonight's NYPV Meeting: Lighting Techniques for Videographers - Manhattan, New York
Lighting Techniques, Tips and Tricks for Videographers Tonight with Duane Sherwood and Lowel Lighting
Apr 22, 2013, 12:45
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Rev Up Transmedia Announces a Series of 4-Hour Live On Line Workshops
Starting next month, Rev Up Transmedia, an Apple Authorized Training Center, is going to be offering Live on Line 4-hour Workshops, (9:00 am - 1:00 pm), that anyone can participate in from the comfort of their home or office anywhere in the world through Rev Up's new Live on Line Training Portal.
Apr 5, 2013, 13:17
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Tiffen Announces New Upcoming Webinars
Join Tiffen for Webinar Wednesdays!
Apr 2, 2013, 15:34
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Register Online Now: Lighting for Fire Effects with Peter Stein, ASC - Advanced Cinematography Workshop, Saturday, April 20, 2013
Learn techniques for achieving flashlight effects for scenes in this advanced cinematography workshop.
Apr 1, 2013, 10:09
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Register Online Now: Lighting for a Handheld Flashlight Scene with Peter Stein, ASC - Advanced Cinematography Workshop, Saturday, May 18, 2013
Learn techniques for achieving flashlight effects for scenes in this advanced cinematography workshop.
Apr 1, 2013, 10:06
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Register Online Now: Creating a Scene with Shadows with Peter Stein, ASC - Advanced Cinematography Workshop, Saturday, June 22, 2013
Learn best practices for creating drama with shadows in this advanced cinematography workshop.
Apr 1, 2013, 10:01
read detail...

Register Online Now: Creating a Moonlight Scene with Peter Stein, ASC - Advanced Cinematography Workshop, Saturday, July 20, 2013
Learn various techniques to simulate moonlight in this advanced cinematography workshop.
Apr 1, 2013, 09:59
read detail...

Register Online Now: Lighting a Candlelight Scene with Peter Stein, ASC - Advanced Cinematography Workshop, Saturday, August 17, 2013
Learn advanced methods for candelight effects in this advanced cinematography workshop.
Apr 1, 2013, 09:53
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Register Online Now: Lighting For Mood Workshop with Peter Stein, ASC - Advanced Cinematography Workshop, Saturday, September 21, 2013
Learn techniques for creating various characters and ambiances with light in this advanced cinematography workshop.
Apr 1, 2013, 09:45
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Register Online Now: Screen Direction, Coverage and Shot Listing with Peter Stein, ASC - Advanced Cinematography Workshop, Saturday, October 19, 2013
Learn essential concepts for shooting narrative films in this advanced cinematography workshop.
Apr 1, 2013, 09:40
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Register Online Now: Composition and Camera/Actor Choreography with Peter Stein, ASC - Advanced Cinematography Workshop, Saturday, November 16, 2013
Learn techniques for creating emotions that draw your audiences in this advanced cinematography workshop.
Apr 1, 2013, 09:36
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Announcing New NYPV Meeting, Manhattan, New York: Featuring Interactive Demos of Panasonic HD Camcorders, Jan Crittenden Livingston Discusses Professional Solutions for Wedding and Event Videographers
Featuring interactive demos of Panasonic HD Camcorders, Jan Crittenden Livingston will discuss professional solutions for wedding and event videographers this month in Manhattan, New York.
Jan 10, 2013, 17:22
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Free Live Webinar: Create Unique Organic Looks with Final Effects Complete
Join Kevan O'Brien as he delves into the new transitions and filters found in Final Effects Complete 7.
Jan 4, 2013, 13:58
read detail...

Modern School of Film: Fred Armisen, David Cross, & Talib Kweli in Person
The Modern School of Film programs a series of screenings and discussions...
Jan 4, 2013, 13:51
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Announcing New Glidecam Hands-On Workshop: Join Us in Manhattan, New York
Join us in Manhattan, New York, for the Two-Day Glidecam Hands-On Workshop at the Workshop Studio. Don't forget to sign up online now to take advantage of the early bird registration discount!
Dec 26, 2012, 11:00
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Post Production Professionals Learn Invaluable Color Correction Tips at AlphaDogs Editors' Lounge
Film and television editors learned how waveform monitors aid in perfecting the craft of color-correction with the seminar now available on The Editors' Lounge Channel.
Dec 19, 2012, 06:32
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Two-Day HDSLR Video Production Workflow with Patrick Reis
Includes Day 2: HDSLR Camera Movement Strategies
Dec 13, 2012, 10:52
read detail...

Free Webinar: Intro to Dfx3
Learn how Dfx version 3 fits into your digital workflow and get an introduction to the award-winning software.
Dec 11, 2012, 18:20
read detail...

Webinar: 'Experiments in Color' with Ben Brownlee
Ben will show creative and useful tips with Dfx software and tackle common color issues.
Nov 5, 2012, 12:35
read detail...

Register Now - ASC Breakfast Club with Claudio Miranda, ASC, Hollywood, CA
This month's program Failure to Launch, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Tron: Legacy and The upcoming Life of Pi. Claudio will present clips of selected scenes while discussing his creative approach.
Oct 23, 2012, 20:48
read detail...

Webinar: Production to Post Workflow Series with Ben Brownlee
Don't forget about Tiffen's Webinar Wednesdays!
Oct 16, 2012, 17:49
read detail...

Selective Filtering & Masking Techniques Webinar
Register for the FREE Webinar.
Oct 8, 2012, 05:42
read detail...

Webinar: Top Reasons to Switch to Premiere Pro Government
At this 60 minute webinar learn the Top 5 reasons to switch to Premiere Pro...
Sep 27, 2012, 11:26
read detail...

Last Call to Register for the New York Post Production Master Class
Marcelo Gandola, President, Post New York Alliance, Sr VP Deluxe Content Creation Group; Terry Brown, CTO- Mega Playground; Brad Carpenter, Producer, "Nurse Jackie"; Will Cox, Co-Founder, Supervising Colorist, Final Frame; Antoine Manceaux, Director; Matt Pittroff, Director, Twist.
Sep 25, 2012, 13:09
read detail...

Announcing New NYPV Meeting Tonight with Audio Guru, Rich Topham, Jr. - Manhattan, New York City
The latest in trends, techniques, equipment, marketing and more, relevant to the business of corporate and event video, audio, lighting and photography. This Sept. meeting highlight is an interactive seminar with Audio Guru- Mr. Richard Topham.
Sep 24, 2012, 15:46
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Color Correction and Speedgrade
Color Correction and Speedgrade: Web Series, Adobe Premiere Pro.
Sep 21, 2012, 14:00
read detail...

Photo Picks | Video Symphony at DV Expo
Offering courses in Adobe, AVID Media Composer, Cinema 4D, Final Cut Pro, Maya and Pro Tools, Video Symphony is an Avid authorized education center.
Sep 20, 2012, 17:35
read detail...

LAPPG Exhibit Booth at DV Expo, CA + StudentFilmmakers Magazine Publisher/Editor-in-Chief Kim Welch took these photos at the LAPPG exhibit booth.
Sep 20, 2012, 14:08
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Vegas Pro VFX without the Learning Curve
Learn how to boost the production quality of your video and create stunning looks in Vegas Pro.
Sep 19, 2012, 03:28
read detail...

Digital Video Expo 2012 Highlights: Workshops, Conferences, and Presentations
The Presentation Theater on the show floor will have leading companies in the industry take audiences through their latest breakthrough products and technologies. Participating presenters include Sony, Panasonic, and IBM (The LTO Program).
Sep 18, 2012, 12:38
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International 3D Society Mini Symposium
3D: Right Here, Right Now
Sep 14, 2012, 12:50
read detail...

Acting Career Seminar
The Acting Career Seminar aims to connect attendees with agents and others in the industry who are looking for clients.
Sep 13, 2012, 23:50
read detail...

Atlanta Black Theatre Festival Puts Actors with Disabilities in the Spotlight
Following the staged reading, patrons will have an opportunity to participate in a workshop entitled Grants & Fundraising for Playwrights...
Sep 12, 2012, 11:45
read detail...

CWIMA Regional Connection Super Event
Do you need to record a promo for your new book, TV or radio program or upcoming event?
Sep 11, 2012, 10:28
read detail...

UPCOMING WORKSHOP: 2-Day HDSLR Filmmaking Workshop with Patrick Reis
You'll receive a full range of powerful HDSLR filmmaking concepts and tools that can benefit any HDSLR production - whether you're shooting a documentary or narrative, television spot or music video.
Sep 9, 2012, 11:21
read detail...

Post Production Master Class Brings Focus to Dynamic Environment
Createasphere Presents Career-Building, Expert-Led Sessions in New York and Los Angeles
Sep 7, 2012, 00:24
read detail...

Featured Screenwriting Book | "And the Best Screenplay Goes To" by Linda Seger
This extensive look at what makes an Academy Award-winning screenplay is an insightful study of the details and nuances of three top scripts by one of Hollywood's most respected screenwriting gurus.
Sep 6, 2012, 22:54
read detail...

Shoot NYC is Back
Photo seminars, live shooting sets and demos...
Sep 4, 2012, 16:18
read detail...

Steve Gosling Presents: Imperfect Impressions
Developing the theme of photographing from the heart, in his second webinar, Steve Gosling will talk about his desire to produce a personal interpretation of the landscape; not a record shot or pictorially truthful rendition of the scene before him...
Sep 4, 2012, 15:31
read detail...

Claudia Rocchini Presents: How to Photograph Animals in (Semi-)Controlled Environments
Nature photography is a genre that many people find exciting for many different reasons...
Sep 4, 2012, 15:28
read detail...

David Duchemin presents: GOING PRO 2: More Ideas for VisionMongers
Join photographer and author of the best-selling book VisionMongers, Making a Life and a Living in Photography, for a discussion about the foundations of a successful business as a creative entrepreneur. This webinar will give special emphasis to social media and the new prominence of online marketing.
Sep 4, 2012, 15:24
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3Days of 3D Workshop: How to be Profitable with 3D
The theme of the workshop will be 'How to be profitable with 3D'
Aug 5, 2012, 23:23
read detail...

Screenplay Form And Structure Is The Practical Guide For Industry Insiders And Students Alike
Unique 238-page narrative on screenwriting was composed from two years of discussions with over 30 contributors in a 'private office' hosted by Francis Ford Coppolas virtual studio. The distinctive format offers practical advice along with recognition of unique problems facing writers.
Jul 30, 2012, 12:38
read detail... Launches Free Film Making Blog to Support New Film Makers
Nicholas George, filmmaker and author of the film making book Film Crew: Fundamentals of Professional Film And Video Production, hosts a new free filmmakers blog on the website. Film Crew has been used in many video production courses as part of their curriculum and is currently available on
Jul 25, 2012, 11:20
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Join us This Weekend in Manhattan, NYC, for the RED Production Workshop from Shoot to Post: Don't Forget to Sign Up!
Two-Day Hands-On RED Production Workshop from Shoot to Post with Jon Firestone. Including New Section, "HDR for EPIC and SCARLET."
Jul 19, 2012, 16:32
read detail...

Four-Week Film School: Aug 5 - Sep 1, Maine Media Workshops + College
A total-immersion, hands-on course in the processes, technology and art of film and video production.
Jul 17, 2012, 10:42
read detail...

Manhattan Edit Workshop and theC47 Present: The Filmmaker's Intensive 2012
Manhattan Edit Workshop (MEWshop) and theC47 are excited to announce The Filmmaker's Intensive (TFMI), an annual two-week program that takes aspiring filmmakers out of their day-to-day environments and allows them to fully immerse themselves in the art and science of making movies. This year's program is specifically designed to provide each student an intense education in non-fiction filmmaking from some of the best documentarians in the industry.
Jul 16, 2012, 12:25
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Inventing Future Media: ITU to Host Digital Media Production Workshops Starting July 28th
New digital media production workshops at International Technological University (ITU) in San Jose teach digital artists to be innovative and creative storytellers through hands-on methods from some of Silicon Valleys best digital media professionals.
Jul 16, 2012, 11:36
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Michelle Danner Los Angeles Acting Studio Announces Summer Acting Classes For Kids, Teens & Adults
The Michelle Danner Acting Studio has announced a 2012 kids' summer program and adult acting conservatory.
Jul 9, 2012, 10:41
read detail...

Announcing New Filmmaking Books, Save Up to 30% off at the Online Store Now!
New to the Online Store! Save up to 30% off new filmmaking books, cinematography books, editing books, directing books, film fundraising books, and more...
Jul 4, 2012, 17:16
read detail...

Join Us Tonight for the New York Professional Videographers (NYPV) Meeting: "Sales Workshop for the Professional Videographer"
New York Professional Videographers (NYPV) Meeting Tonight @ StudentFilmmakers Magazine headquarters in Manhattan, New York City. Monday, June 25, 2012, 6:30 p.m. Guests welcome: $20 Online Registration. $10 for Students. $30 at the door. Join us!
Jun 25, 2012, 10:10
read detail...

Las Vegas Event Helps Locals Learn to be Star Filmmakers for Free
Local Non-Profit IndieSOS Trains Filmmakers in Las Vegas with No Payment Required.
Jun 6, 2012, 12:55
read detail...

Announcing New Series of Cinematography Workshops Led by Peter Stein, ASC: Take Your Skillset to the Next Level and Improve Your Storytelling Abilities
These Workshops are ideal for cinematographers/camera operators, filmmakers, and videographers looking to gain practical take-away tips, best practices, and techniques from one of film's master cinematographers, acclaimed Director of Photography, Peter Stein, ASC.
May 24, 2012, 11:14
read detail...

Ragan Offers Video Training with PBS Producer
Webcast with Drew Keller to demystify video and teach scripting, filming and audio techniques.
May 21, 2012, 10:16
read detail...

Film Chattanooga Presents The Craft and Business of Screenwriting
Film Chattanooga is holding its next quarterly event to take place at the YMCA in downtown Chattanooga.
May 14, 2012, 10:00
read detail...

FREE, Signup Today: Studica's eClub Announces Monthly Gift Card Drawings for Teachers, Students, and Schools
A quick news byte for film and video teachers, students, and schools. Sign up for FREE for your chance to win gift cards from Studica's eClub.
May 9, 2012, 15:00
read detail...

Basic Lighting and Grip
Learn the latest lighting systems and techniques to create moods and dynamic images for film and video.
May 9, 2012, 10:18
read detail...

Announcing New Door Prize: Win the Petrol Bags Digiback Jr. DSLR Backpack This Weekend in Manhattan, NYC at the Two-Day RED Production Workshop from Shoot to Post with Jon Firestone
Win the Petrol Bags Digiback Jr. DSLR Backpack this weekend in Manhattan, NYC, at the Two-Day RED Production Workshop from Shoot to Post with Jon Firestone. The hands-on workshop and networking event will take place at the New York Studio on Broadway.
May 2, 2012, 14:30
read detail...

Announcing New Door Prize: Win the Ki Pro Mini from AJA Video Systems This Weekend in Manhattan, NYC at the Two-Day RED Production Workshop from Shoot to Post with Jon Firestone
Win the AJA Video Systems Ki Pro Mini this weekend in Manhattan, NYC, at the Two-Day RED Production Workshop from Shoot to Post with Jon Firestone. The hands-on workshop and networking event will take place at the New York Studio on Broadway.
May 2, 2012, 14:05
read detail...

Announcing New Door Prize: Win the Carl Zeiss Planar 1.4/50 ZE Lens This Weekend in Manhattan, NYC at the Two-Day RED Production Workshop from Shoot to Post with Jon Firestone
Win the Carl Zeiss Planar 1.4/50 ZE Lens this weekend in Manhattan, NYC, at the Two-Day RED Production Workshop from Shoot to Post with Jon Firestone. The hands-on workshop and networking event will take place at the New York Studio on Broadway.
May 2, 2012, 11:51
read detail...

RED Announces the First Class of REDUCATION-X
RED is pleased to announce the first class of REDUCATION-X, a 16-week program in digital movie making meant to bridge the gap between short-term intensive training classes and a multi-year film school.
May 1, 2012, 21:06
read detail...

REDucation UK, September 3 - 5, 2012
This 3-day workshop covers topics ranging from an overview of raw image capture to screening footage shot by class participants.
May 1, 2012, 21:03
read detail...

REDucation Returns to Los Angeles: June 11 - 15, 2012
The 3-day class taught by Ted Schilowitz and Michael Cioni is supplemented by two 2-day extension classes...
May 1, 2012, 21:01
read detail...

RED Digital Cinema Announces REDucation New York City: To Be Held May 21- 23, 2012, Steiner Studios, Brooklyn Navy Yard
Whether you're looking for a short workshop to familiarize yourself with RED cameras and workflow or you are looking for an in-depth highly-focused school program that will teach you the technical skills of digital movie making, RED is delivering globally.
May 1, 2012, 20:56
read detail...

Award-Winning Movie Directors, Producers and Actors Join Digital Cinema Workshop at Cal State San Bernardino This Summer
The International Digital Cinema Workshop, directed by Randal Kleiser, will enable attendees to learn best practices from award-winning movie directors, producers and actors. The three-week intensive workshop, scheduled for July 8-28, will begin with an opening ceremony at Cal State San Bernardino. The workshop will be divided into two concurrent tracks: the Digital Cinema Track and the Directing Track, and include exclusive field trips to top digital cinema studios and other Hollywood attractions. The workshop will conclude with a wrap party reception at a private location in the Hollywood Hills.
Apr 30, 2012, 09:28
read detail...

Northern Film and Drama Update: Adult Acting Classes
Northern Film and Drama offers Film and TV acting classes, audition techniques, casting director visits, acting to camera, green screen techniques, and acting workshops for adults who want to experience and or be part of this exciting industry.
Apr 8, 2012, 15:14
read detail...

Columbia University Film Division of the School of the Arts Update: Television Writing Intensive
The Television Writing Intensive is a six week, concentrated and encompassing introduction into the field of television writing, designed to prepare students for the professional worlds of half-hour comedies, one-hour dramas and police / medical procedurals.
Apr 7, 2012, 15:06
read detail...

Apply Now for NYU-SCPS Film, Video, and Broadcasting Programs
The Film program offers courses in a variety of focus areas including Cinematography, Digital Video Production, Documentary, Editing, Film Production, Post Production, Producing, and much, much more.
Apr 6, 2012, 14:50
read detail...

Third Thursday Workshop - Introduction to Green Screen Performance Techniques With Matthew Dearing
This workshop offers the opportunity to experience firsthand, the challenges and demands of the green screen genre.
Apr 5, 2012, 14:39
read detail...

Sun Camera Action Conference and Workshop Film Cruise
Attending this conference/workshop will put that extra pizzazz in your travel and/or amateur videos all while cruising the Caribbean. Attendees will have the opportunity to discuss and apply a number of film basics such as shot selection, shot techniques, editing and exporting your video.
Apr 4, 2012, 15:02
read detail...

NALIPsters On View at NALIP 2012
Do you have a new short you would like to screen during the conference? How about a sneak peek of your doc? Want to network with fellow filmmakers? Here's your chance to exhibit your work at the all new NALIPsters On View and hang out in the Filmmakers Lounge & WGA Writers Corner.
Apr 3, 2012, 14:55
read detail...

Film Independent's Producers Lab Announces 2012 Grant Details
The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation awards one participant of Film Independent's Producers Lab the annual Sloan Producers Grant. The recipient receives a $25,000 development grant, admission to Film Independent's Producers Lab, and year-round support from Film Independent.
Apr 2, 2012, 18:26
read detail...

Film Grants Awarded by Idaho Film Office
The Idaho Film Office received 21 applications for grants, with a nice balance of project types from around the state. There were documentaries, narrative features and shorts and an online learning application. Here is a list of grant recipients.
Apr 1, 2012, 18:21
read detail...

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