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Zacuto Offers Summer Product Specials

posted Jul 10, 2013, 08:46

Zacuto is now offering product specials until August 1st for the summer. Specials include a mix of gear for cameras ranging from DSLR to Canon C100 cameras to Sony F5 and beyond. Rig options on sale include the Scorpion kit for DSLR shooting and the Predator kit for lightweight shooting on the Canon C100, C300 and C500 cameras.

Customers who are looking to purchase a DSLR rig and an EVF (electronic viewfinder) are in for a treat. For a limited time only, the Scorpion DSLR rig will be bundled with a free Zacuto EVF Flip. The Scorpion rig is the ultimate solution to DSLR shoulder mounted shooting. This rig comes with a DSLR Baseplate, a curved, form-fitting Akton Polymer shoulder pad, a Z-Lite for counterbalance, the Zgrips V3 and an EVF Scorpion Mount so the EVF can be mounted to the rig.

If users are in the market for a lightweight kit for their Canon C100 camera, another special Zacuto is running is a free Canon C100 Z-Finder Pro with the purchase of the Predator rig. The Predator rig, compatible with C100, C300 and C500 cameras, is a run and gun stability kit. The Predator includes a Gorilla Baseplate, an adjustable gunstock on a ball joint that can comfortably settle onto the shooters chest to add support. The C100 Z-Finder Pro helps with focus and sunlight when using the C100 flip out screen for monitoring.

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If customers are looking for camera accessories for any camera rig- Zacuto has those too! The newly released QR Shoulder Pad is now $60 off, for a price of $295. The QR Shoulder pad is Zacuto’s universal curved shoulder pad system that was designed to sit directly under the camera or baseplate. This allows for a traditional ENG style set up by having the camera on top of the shooters shoulder.

Some new Zacuto products that are now on sale include the QR Shoulder Pad Rod Clamp and the Z-mount Zwivel II. To check out these specials, visit the Zacuto store or contact your local authorized Zacuto reseller.

ZACUTO, located in Chicago, Illinois, is known for their "Made in the USA" brand of high quality, originally designed camera accessories. Zacuto Films produces original programming with EMMY’s won in 2010, 2011, and 2012 (Midwest region) or follow @Zacuto on Twitter. 888-294-3456

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