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Zacuto Announces Z-Finder Pro for the Canon C100 Camera

posted Jun 12, 2013, 15:24

As soon as Canon announced the release of the Canon C100 to its EOS Cinema Camera line, Zacuto was inundated with requests to make an optical viewfinder to fit the LCD articulating screen. Zacuto product designers went to the drawing board and were able to make little modifications to the current Z-Finder Pro for DSLR’s.

“To connect the Z-Finder, we molded a slide-on frame that goes around the C100 LCD. This provides a base for the Z-Finder to attach and can be slid off the LCD easily when not in use,” says Zacuto Product Designer, Patrick Fee. “For the larger 3.5 inch LCD we had to go with a wider 1.8x lens in the Z-Finder to be able to see edge to edge. Finally, we developed some springy Z-Bands to help reinforce the LCD’s hinge so the Z-Finder will hold in several positions.”

The C100 camera has a high quality 3.5″ LCD situated at the rear of the camera body and an adjustable handgrip for handheld shooting. Although the LCD screen is a little larger than that of a DSLR camera, the ergonomics of the Canon C100 are surprisingly similar to a DSLR. Using our established Z-Finder Pro concepts, Zacuto set out to make a Z-Finder specifically for C100 camera users. To use the C100 Z-Finder Pro, simply slide the mount over the LCD screen, attach the included Z-Bands for support, and you’re ready to shoot.

The C100 Z-Finder Pro comes with:

  •     Z-Finder Pro eyepiece/loupe with 1.8x magnification and diopter
  •     C100 Z-Finder Mount
  •     C100 Z-Finder Pro Z-Bands
  •     Three (3) Extender Frames
  •     Lanyard and Lanyard Hook
  •     Lens Cap, Sun Mask, and protective boot
  •     Z-Finder Dust Cover

Monte Zucker Photographic Education will be showcasing the Zacuto C100 Z-Finder Pro on their 31 city tour, The Art of Storytelling Tour. This tour will help enhance attendee’s film work by holding workshops and classes. Instructor Alex Buono, Oscar nominee and Director of Photography of Saturday Night Live, is training the attendees in various topics and will be using the C100 Z-Finder Pro on the Canon C100 Camera, along with other Zacuto gear.

Please note that the Z-Finder Pros offered in 2.5x and 3x magnifications cannot be used on the C100 LCD screen as they will crop the image. To learn more about the C100 Z-Finder Pro, visit

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