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The Power of the Moving Shot: Interview with Glidecam's Thomas Howie

By Kim Welch
posted Apr 5, 2013, 16:39

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NAB 2013

The Power of the Moving Shot

Interview with Glidecam's
Thomas Howie

Visit Glidecam at NAB2013, Booth C8732,
Las Vegas, NV.

Get Your Glidecam Certification at the NYC Studio in Manhattan, NY.

Glidecam offers affordable and versatile camera stabilizers and accessories. With over 20 years in the camera stabilization business, Glidecam continues to offer high quality customer service and products. At NAB2013, the National Association of Broadcasters tradeshow in Las Vegas, NV, Glidecam will feature the HD and XR-Series line of hand-held stabilizers, the X-20 and X-30 Systems, Vista Tracks, Pan/Tilt Heads and more. So if you're attending NAB, make sure to visit Glidecam at NAB Booth C8732. recently hosted a hands-on, two-day Glidecam Camera Stabilization Certification Workshop at the NYC Studio in Manhattan, New York. Glidecam will be returning to beautiful, cinematic New York City this April, so don't forget to register online to attend and get your Glidecam certification in New York! (

Glidecam Steadicam Workshop at, New York City

What's new at Glidecam?

Thomas Howie: We are creating the best stabilizers in the world! Glidecam is up to some fun, new stuff. Stay tuned to our website for more info. ‘Cause I can't tell you right now. [smiles]

What Glide camera stabilization systems will be featured at the NYC Glidecam Certification Workshop at in New York?

Thomas Howie: The Glidecam X-10 System, Glidecam HD-2000, and HD-4000. And a special surprise system!

What launched the development of these Glidecam systems, and what issues did you want to address and provide solutions for?

Thomas Howie: Super smooth footage for all with Made in the USA products! We make the best stabilizers in the world, that create the best results.

What are some things you're doing for education and student filmmakers?

Thomas Howie: We offer great USA made products that have launched successful careers for many students. We are the most student friendly corporation out there, just ask around.

How are you working with camera operators and professionals who work in the film, television, and motion picture industry?

Thomas Howie: Professional user feedback is crucial to a successful product. We aim to please all those in the film, television, and motion picture industry.

Off the top of your head, what are some productions that have used Glidecam camera stabilization systems? Feel free to name drop!

Thomas Howie: Devin Graham, need I say more? With over 100 million views, he is the name to drop! That, and he is a heck of a guy!

In what ways do you educate people about your camera stabilization systems and how to use them?

Thomas Howie: Workshops, outreach programs, social media, online videos, tradeshows, and seminars…

What kinds of customer support and tech support do you offer?

Thomas Howie: The best in the business! Take care of your customers or someone else will.

If you could share some tips on operating Glide systems and capturing shots, what would it be?

Thomas Howie: Practice, practice, practice. Know your equipment and know it well. You can't 'wing it' when it comes to Glidecam. Create movement, if the subject isn't moving then the camera needs to move! It is all about the power of the moving shot!

What will you be announcing at NAB at the Glidecam booth?

Thomas Howie: We have some very special stuff to announce… But, you'll have to visit our booth to find out!

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