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Cameras: News and Updates

Pentax Announced the K500, K50 DSLR Cameras and Q7 Mirrorless Camera

posted Jun 13, 2013, 14:45

Pentax announced three new cameras to their lineup. Each new addition to the Pentax digital camera family has traits similar to their predecessors and offers refinements that will satisfy the upper entry-level photo market. A pair of new DSLRs, the K-500 and K-50, lead Pentax’s most recent wave of new products; their announcement also included the Q7 Mirrorless Digital Camera, a sensor-updated version of the popular Q10 Mirrorless Digital Camera

Pentax’s new APS-C size DSLRs, the K-50 and K-500, also manage to fuse image quality and functionality in a slimmed-down body. A user-friendly interface, compactness and ergonomics have defined their DSLRs for years. The Pentax K-50 and K-500 represent the company’s return to a familiar shape and control layout. Eschewing the comparatively angular silhouette and dimpled hand grip of the K-30, these new DSLR cameras revert to a look and feel that is more common to Pentax shooters. Yes, Pentax faithful, the K-50 and K-500 will have the beloved K-Mount lens bayonet and programmable front and rear e-dials.

Housed within this familiarly shaped housing, the K-50 and K-500 use a 16MP APS-C CMOS sensor to capture high-resolution images at ISO speeds up to 51200, and to record Full HD 1080p video at 30 fps. They are also equipped with a PRIME M imaging engine that is ready to handle the 11-point SAFOX IXi+ autofocus system, 77-segment exposure metering system, and 6 fps burst shooting. Both cameras can also be powered by AA or the D-LI109 lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.

Although the K-50 and K-500 offer identical imaging performance, the K-50 is enhanced by dust- and cold-resistant weather seals and a dual-axis electronic level that assists the camera’s Shake Reduction system and provides an in-view level indicator that is sure to assist handheld shooting.

K-Mount Compatible with 25 Million PENTAX lenses
The PENTAX K-mount is compatible with every single K-mount lens ever made. Choose from over 25 million PENTAX lenses to use with the K-500.

Pentax continues along compact and colorful camera path

Pentax Q7 Mirrorless digital camera featuring custom styling and an impressive performance-to-portability factor characterize the Q7 Mirrorless digital camera. Pentax’s most recent interchangeable-lens iteration packs 12.4MP Full HD imaging prowess and broad functionality into a 4 x 2.3 x 1.3” housing that is barely larger than the average point-and-shoot.

From an image performance perspective, the Pentax Q7 incorporates a new 12.4MP 1/1.7” Back-Illuminated CMOS sensor capable of ISO speed up to 12800. Like its Q10 mirrorless relative, the Q7 accepts the entire series of Pentax Q-Mount lenses, incorporates in-camera, sensor-shift shake-reduction image stabilization, and is capable of recording Full HD 1080p video at 30 fps in the MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 codec. An extensive range of shooting modes and in-camera image manipulation tools are available for creatively modifying photographs, including a Bokeh Control mode that allows you to alter the amount and appearance of defocused backgrounds. In-camera HDR image creation is possible as well as RAW image development for outputting RAW files as easy-to-upload JPEGS for expedited sharing.

B&H Photo is a qualified Pentax Authorized reseller with the most up-to-date Pentax product information, product pricing and individual promotional offers. B&H Photo is currently accepting pre-orders on the new Pentax cameras.

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