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Inspiring Documentary Reveals the Reality of Education in America

By StudentFilmmakers.com
posted Oct 4, 2011, 08:25

Documentary, Mitchell 20"Mitchell 20" : Teacher Quality is the Answer Premieres in Phoenix on October 12

(PHOENIX) Randy Murray Productions announced the world premiere of "Mitchell 20" in Phoenix on October 12 at AMC Arizona Center. This dramatic documentary shows the heroic story of 20 teachers confronting the one thing they have control of, the quality of their teaching.

"Mitchell 20" is a powerful and emotional story about teaching in America today. The film spans a three-year period, and what it uncovers, according to "Mitchell 20" Co-Director Andrew James Benson, is an education system that works against teachers seeking to become more effective as educators.

Executive Producer and Executive Director of the Arizona K12 Center, Kathy Wiebke, says about the documentary, "Every child deserves a great teacher. Through the real stories of these 20 teachers at an inner city school, 'Mitchell 20' shows us that when we support teachers and give them a voice in the system, we can improve education in America for every student."

Co-Director Randy Murray added, "We thought this film was going to be a heart-warming story of teachers working to improve their craft. What our cameras captured was the reality of teachers taking on one of the greatest challenges of today ... preparing our children for the future."

Markets scheduled for release this fall include: New York, New York; Los Angeles, California; Tucson, Arizona; Denver, Colorado; Seattle, Washington; Chapel Hill, North Carolina; Miami, Florida; Richmond, Virginia; and Washington D.C. For more details about upcoming showings, please check the website at mitchell20.com.

The film is sponsored by the National Education Association with additional support from the University of Phoenix. Through a partnership between Randy Murray Productions and the Arizona K-12 Center, the promotion and distribution of the "Mitchell 20" documentary is tied directly to advocacy for improving teaching in America, with half of the film's profits going to a scholarship for teachers in impoverished schools across the country.

"Mitchell 20" documentary world premiere

World Premiere: October 12, 2011
Phoenix Theatrical Run: October 14-20, 2011
Upcoming Theatrical Runs:
Seattle/Tacoma, WA at AMC Southcenter: October 21-27
Los Angeles, CA at AMC Covina 30: October 21-27, 2011
Denver, CO at AMC Cherry Creek 8: October 21-23, 2011
New York, NY at AMC Empire 25: November 4-10, 2011
Miami, FL at AMC Aventura 24: November 5-6, 2011

AMC Arizona Center
565 North 3rd Street
Phoenix, AZ 85004

For screening opportunities visit Mitchell20.com.