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Indiegogo Helps Revive Old Radio Station Itch FM Into New Multimedia Hub

posted Apr 26, 2013, 15:37

Trying to raise funds and running into obstacles, Itch.FM turned to the crowd funding website to see if multiple contributors will help bring the station back.

The hip-hop multimedia website Itch.FM, are planning their radio revival as a live online streaming station. They are planning to launch for the beginning of July 2013. However, with their limited funding, options for raising money to buy the radio equipment are few.

“We have looked at various options to get the radio station up and running. Bank loans and angel funding just didn’t make sense, especially being a community based radio station," commented Trevor, co-founder of Itch FM. "Indiegogo allows us, the community and hip-hop fans to fund the station and to also be a part of history.”

The Itch FM team hopes to use the proceeds from this campaign to buy the radio equipment and live streaming software to make this a reality.

This will help the London-based DJs and hosts re-create the live, real time interactivity and atmosphere with their listeners, like an FM radio station, only via the Internet.

“We’ve been uploading pre-recorded shows from a handful of DJs, which has been great for building the buzz," commented Eza, co-founder, “But, that live interactive element isn’t there. From the response and questions we’ve been getting, live radio is what people crave the most.”

Itch FM’s Indiegogo campaign rewards funders with various perks depending on their contributions. These range from getting credited in the soon to be released ‘Itch FM: The Real Story’ documentary for £25, getting a special limited edition Itch FM t-shirt, plus the documentary credit for £55, to getting an invite to the Itch FM HQ, plus all the above for £150.

To learn more about Itch.FM’s Indiegogo campaign visit

About Itch FM

Founded in 2000, Itch FM started out as a self organized community radio station, got closed down in 2007, then came back as a multimedia web-based company that publishes exclusive artist video interviews, the latest information and news about the hip hop community, podcasts and soon to be released live streaming radio.