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Documentary Production and Distribution News

Dr. Leigh-Davis and Brian D. Pull Out All the Stops on the Paramount Studios Lot to Celebrate TV Show "Are You Ready to Rock 'n' Roll?"

posted Jul 16, 2013, 10:36

"Entertainment Tonight," "Access Hollywood," and "Extra TV" were all in the house on the Paramount Studios Lot for a party celebrating two (2) entertainment milestone's in the careers of Dr. Leigh-Davis and Brian D. First, the announcement of the development deal for the new entertainment music trivia game show "Are You Ready to Rock 'n' Roll?", which will be hosted and executive produced by Dr. Leigh-Davis. Then, the completion of production on the most anticipated documentary "Backstage Pass." This documentary is a tell-all and behind-the-scenes look at what occurs when some of the biggest musicians in the world close the show and venture backstage. With profiles of The Rolling Stones; Eric Clapton; Jay-Z; and more; viewers will be left wondering if the real entertainment is not on the stage, but rather backstage.

Additionally, the party featured a mock set of the game show "Are You Ready to Rock 'n' Roll?" where guests could try their hand at some rock 'n' roll trivia. "Are You Ready to Rock 'n' Roll?" is a music trivia game show along the lines of Rock 'n' Roll Jeopardy, but differs in that every question features music. "Jeopardy has its special audio questions, but every question on our show features music, with about 90% of the questions featuring music videos," explained Brian D.. "Are You Ready to Rock 'n' Roll?" has been advertised as a show that makes one get up and dance. "The show has background dancers; contestants have the option of dancing; and we hope viewers get up and dance while trying to answer the questions. This is the anti-couch potato show," expounded Dr. Leigh-Davis.

No expense is being spared on the development of "Are You Ready to Rock 'n' Roll?". Before his death, even Merv Griffin gave Dr. Leigh-Davis some points and tips to make the show better. Dr. Leigh-Davis said, "We are having numerous back-to-back run throughs as we work with a team of writers to re-write, re-write, and re-write." When asked if they would be working with any other production companies, Dr. Leigh-Davis responded," At this time no. However, my ideal would be to work with Happy Madison Productions [Adam Sandler's production company,] because I like their comedic TV and their music soundtracks, and I think they may be on the same page as us."

In honor of the upcoming TV show "Are You Ready to Rock 'n' Roll?", Dr. Leigh-Davis hosted a special episode of "The Real Deal" recently, where there was lots of music, music trivia, and game show history. Archived episode of this episode of "the Real Deal" are available on iTunes. "Are You Ready to Rock 'n' Roll?" is produced by Creative Endeavors in conjunction with Aurora Entertainment. Dr. Leigh-Davis acts as host, head writer, and executive producer.

Dr. Leigh-Davis is the editor-in-chief of Confidence Magazine and a TV producer, who was an attorney for almost 20 years. She also still infrequently works as a law professor. Dr. Leigh-Davis is also known as a retired attorney, anthropologist, and popular legal analyst and legal correspondent, who regularly appears on NBC news, CNN and Fox news. Additionally, Dr. Leigh-Davis is also a journalist with syndicated columns in several newspapers; host of the weekly radio shows "The Real Deal" & "Success Living;" and the former host of the Court TV television show, "The Court is in Session." Currently, Dr. Leigh-Davis hosts the TV show "Profiles in Philanthropy," which airs in syndication. More information about Dr. Leigh-Davis' television, writing and radio projects, can be found on Dr. Leigh-Davis' official website.



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