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ARRI Pro Camera Accessories Go Epic

posted Jun 25, 2013, 11:36

ARRI Red Kit

As First Assistant Camera, Alex Falk works with a variety of cameras from different manufacturers as well as the gear that supports them. Recently Falk selected ARRI Pro Camera Accessories for a television pilot directed by Andrew Huang with cinematography by DP Laura Merians. Falk outfitted the RED Epic camera body with Lightweight Support, Bridge Plate BP-9, Lightweight Matte Box LMB-25 and the Wireless Control Unit WCU-3. The crew dealt with a multitude of set-ups and shooting conditions to test the durability and ergonomics of the accessories.

“Using ARRI's new LMB-25 and Epic 15mm Lightweight Base Plate combined with a BP-9, we were able to build a very compact and easy handling Epic. We shifted quickly from Steadicam moves into aggressive handheld, and could also rapidly transition into VFX lock-offs. For a shoot that required a very adaptable and fast camera package, ARRI accessories were the right choice,” says Falk.

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