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ARRI Pro Camera Accessories Bring Arri Quality to More Setups

posted Apr 23, 2013, 15:42

With ARRI Pro Camera Accessories (PCA), cameras from a plethora of manufacturers can benefit from ARRI’s renowned ergonomic designs and robust quality. New PCA offerings complement cameras including ARRI ALEXA, Sony F5 and F55, Blackmagic Cinema Camera, Red Epic, 1DC/1DX/C Cameras from Canon, and many others. 

Lightweight Matte Box LMB-6
Following in the footsteps of the successful LMB-25, the Lightweight Matte Box LMB-6 is available for larger-sized filters, up to 6.6” x 6.6".  Like the LMB-25, the -6 is modular. It’s two or three-filter stage guides have well-spaced, independent filter frame locks and are machined from high-grade aluminum, while the top flag is created from a sheet of carbon to offer rigidity without excess weight. The flag can be fitted to the top or the bottom of the matte box and folds onto the hood, protecting the lens front element when the camera is on the move. 

The LMB-6 hood is removable via captive screws that stay with the hood at all times. On the ALEXA, the LMB-6 will cover wide-angle lenses up to the ARRI/ZEISS Ultra Prime 8R. Like the LMB-25, the LMB-6 can be fitted with a mount for 3/8" accessories such as ultrasonic measuring devices. The tray catcher offers security by preventing the loss of a filter frame, e.g. when the matte box is flying on a crane. 

The LMB-6 adapts to various lens diameters via a series of interchangeable clamp adapters. The 156 mm clamp adapter will accept all existing LMB-4 ring adapters. A 162 mm clamp adapter is available for the Angenieux Optimo 24-290 and 28-340. Other sizes available are 136 mm, 134 mm, 114 mm, 125 mm, 110 mm, 104 mm and 95 mm. 

The LMB-6 has its own set of five mattes that can be clipped onto the hood. The matte box can be secured to the camera rig using a karabiner through the 10 mm securing loop located next to the LMB-6 hood. 

The 156-114 mm Clamp-On Ring for Canon 14 mm T3.1 CN-E is designed around the Canon CN-E 14 mm T3.1 wide-angle prime lens. The clamp-on ring allows the Lightweight Matte Boxes LMB-4A and LMB-6 to cover up to the full frame 24 mm x 36 mm sensor size (FF35) of EF mount cameras such as the Canon 1DC, 1DX and 5D MkIII. The Canon lens is fitted with a front locating pin, which is compatible with the 156-114 mm ring. 

Plate For Canon 1DC and 1DX 

ARRI is offering a base plate solution for the top-of-the-range Canon 1DC and 1DX DSLR cameras, which have deep bases and cannot be made compatible with the classic Mini Base Plate MBP-3. The plate for 1DC and 1DX is compatible with the ARRI Cage System II and makes use of features on the base of the Canon cameras to prevent body rotation. 

ARRI Camera Cage System II
ARRI is releasing a camera cage system for cameras with a base lower than the 15 mm LWS rod standard (not compatible with the MBP-3-based ARRI Cage System I). 

Compatible with the plate for RED Epic/Scarlet and the base plate for Canon EOS 1DX and 1DC, the Cage Console Arm CCA-1 offers a full cage arm without compromising access to the battery pack on DSLR cameras. Accessories and handles can be attached to the cage console arm via 3/8" ARRI interface. A 15 mm LWS console can be attached to the top of the CCA-1 and allows accessories to be fitted to top-mounted rods in the same way as bottom-mounted rods, since the top console is in an optically centered position. 

The Cage Support Right CSR-2 can be attached to the CCA-1 to provide uncompromised grip and additional mounting options for accessories. Please note that the CSR-2 is not compatible with the handgrip from RED Scarlet and Epic cameras. 

The Cage Cable Safe System CCS-1 offers protection to internal electronics against accidental stress when using HDMI, USB or audio cables.

The Camera Top Handle CTH-1 provides grip and various 3/8" and 1/4" interfaces for mounting accessories. The handle will attach via a 3/8" ARRI interface. 

Providing support for the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, Ikonoskope A-cam and RED Epic and Scarlet, the Cage Top Support CHS-2 links the top of the cage system to the upper base of the camera, preventing flex in the camera rig. 

Additional PCA
The Rod Mounting Bracket (RMB-2) can be attached to any ARRI 3/8-16" interface from ARRI film or digital cameras, or any camera fitted with the ARRI cage system. The RMB-2 holds a standard 19 mm rod. 

The 15 mm Reduction Insert can be fitted to any 19 mm rod mount to allow compatibility with 15 mm rods. 

ARRI’s new Recorder/Battery Bracket allows many recorders (including Codex) and their power sources to be mounted onto the ALEXA, in addition to lightweight support and studio rods. Codex Onboard S quick release adapter and Onboard M adapter are available, as well as for Gold Mount or V-Lock battery plates. The recorder and battery bracket can be bolted to ARRI bridge supports and angled with the RBH-1, a rosette-based hinge that provides a tilt capability of more than 180°. 

The Adapter Ring MMB-1 to MMB-2 renders the Mini Matte Box MMB-1 compatible with the MMB-2 range of stills lens clamp-on rings, cine lens clamp-on rings and the flexible light protection system. This adapter ring is a one-step reduction from the MMB-1 native 143 mm diameter and can be used directly on lenses with a 114 mm front diameter, such as the Alura Lightweight Zooms and Master Prime lenses. 

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About ARRI: 

With headquarters located in Munich, Germany, Arnold and Richter Cine Technik (A&R) was founded in 1917 and is the world's largest manufacturer and distributor of motion picture camera, digital intermediate (DI) and lighting equipment. The ARRI Group comprises a global network of subsidiaries, agents and representatives that covers all aspects of the film industry: design, engineering, production, equipment rental, turnkey lighting solutions, postproduction, film and sound laboratory services, and visual effects. Manufactured products include the groundbreaking ALEXA digital camera system, film cameras, professional camera accessories, cutting-edge LED lighting and DI solutions such as the ARRISCAN and archive tools. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has recognized ARRI technologies and continual innovation with 18 Scientific and Engineering Awards.