New Movie Release about UFC Legend Ken Shamrock Looks to Put Rumors to Rest

On June 18, the night before Ken Shamrock fights Kimbo Slice on Spike TV, WP Films and director Darren Wilson’s new release movie gives fans an exclusive look at Ken Shamrock’s life and the end of his career.

Ken Shamrock has been known for many things during his fighting career, but vulnerable hasn’t been one of them. In a new film release that documents the twilight of Ken’s fighting career, Director Darren Wilson (HOLY GHOST, FATHER OF LIGHTS) was given unprecedented access to one of the most controversial and iconic fighters of his generation.

THE GREATEST FIGHT, produced by WP Films, will have its world release and unconventional online premiere on June 18, 2015, and viewers can go to to get their tickets for this event now. On June 19, Ken will be fighting Kimbo Slice live and free on Spike TV for Bellator 138. Besides the Online Premiere, the film will also be available for purchase on June 18.

To watch the trailer for THE GREATEST FIGHT and to purchase tickets, visit

THE GREATEST FIGHT is a documentary that is both poignant and unflinching in its honesty. A film six years in the making, it follows Ken through what were thought to be his final three fights and the apparent crumbling of a legend. But thankfully for Ken’s fans, that was not the end of the story, and Ken opens up in this film about both his darkest days as well as his current state of mind. All opinions and speculation about Shamrock will be silenced as you see everything from Ken’s violent childhood, his rise in the world of MMA, as well as intimate scenes with his children and grandchildren. Longtime fans will certainly soak up this personal look into Ken’s life, while casual fans will encounter a story of brokenness and ultimate redemption.

Director Darren Wilson adds, “Ken’s story is so fascinating because he’s such an open book—honest almost to a fault. Throughout this entire process, we both took the stance that no matter what; we were going to tell an honest story. It’s not entirely flattering of Ken all the time. But at the end of the day, it’s a brutally honest portrayal of someone that a lot of people love and look up to.”


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