Miller Camera Support Update – New Documentary “Wonders of Marsupials”

Filming wild animals requires not only a unique level of talent, but also the proper equipment to support the production. That’s why Daniel Hunter and Edward Saltau of The Natural History Unit production company turned to Miller Camera Support Equipment, a leader in the production of innovating camera support solutions, to help capture footage for the documentary “Wonders of Marsupials.” Using the Miller DS20 Fluid Head in conjunction with the MINI Tripod, the filmmakers were able shoot in a way that will bring viewers eye-to-eye with some of Australia’s most famous indigenous animals.

Self-described “old school” wildlife filmmakers, Hunter and Saltau prefer to film animals with an approach that will get them “the best natural behavior possible, with a variety of wides, mids and close-ups,” explains Hunter. “The amount of creativity can be somewhat reduced in these settings, as you’re often limited in choices when it comes to where, what and when you can shoot. But the Miller MINI Tripod has been immensely useful for this production, especially for filming species like bettongs, which are small, ground-dwelling marsupials. It feels necessary to bring the viewer into the moment by filming at the animal’s eye level, which we’re able to do quickly and steadily with this tripod.”


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