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    Trixylyl Phosphate(TXP) TDS
    English NameTrixylyl Phosphate
    CAS NO.25155-23-1
    Molecular formulaC24H27O4P
    Molecular weight410
    Product QualityPerformance: light yellow transparent liquid
    Flashing point: ≥230℃
    acid value(mgKOH/g): ≤0.5
    Relative density: 1.130-1.160
    chromaticity(APHA): ≤200
    UseThe product can be used as plasticizer of vinylite, celluosic resin and natural and synthetic rubber. It also be used as plasticizer and fire retardant of polrvinyl chloride convey belt, artificial leather and flooring materials. The product has the features of low volatility, fine waterproof property, good fire resistance. It is also used as steam turbine oil and steam turbine oil of lubricating grease.
    Packingnet weight 200KG/galvanized iron bucket
    Capacity100t/ monthChina Phosphate Flame Retardant Plasticizer

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