Light Extreme – Beginning Filmmaking Workship – Burbank, CA

3-Days filmmaking workshop taking students from the beginning through intermediate level. This is a crush course that consists of Lecture, Demonstration and intensive hands-on with Camera and Light. Main emphasize is on Directing and Cinematography. Students learn fundamentals of the language of film story telling through understanding of the narrative potential of Tools of Cinematography – Light, Lens, Camera, Exposure. From Directorial and Cinematography point of view the most important aspects of Visual Narrative are the Choices (Artistic and Technical) that Director and Cinematographer make to visually relate to the story content. This pertains to choices of Lenses, Cam Movement and Lighting Style.

Workshops are held in a private atmosphere and are limited to maximum of six students. After the workshop students will be able to construct and execute a basic Film Scene with camera and lighting. They will get a solid understanding of the artistic and technical elements involved in the creative process of cinematic expression.

Various dates available from September to November.

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