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Learn how to raise money with live streaming

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A new book called The Virtual Ticket is now available on Amazon here. The book is all about “How to Host Private Live Streams and Virtual Events” which can help students raise money for their schools and other projects. Live streaming has become an amazing way to host engaging fundraisers. A chapter in the book called “Putting the Fun back in Fundraisers” shows exactly how you can raise money with Facebook or YouTube for a charity or project.

Fundraising with live streaming
Fundraising with live streaming

Fundraising with live streaming

Live streaming is a great medium for fundraising because you can use social media websites like Facebook and YouTube to amplify your message. The Virtual Ticket explains how innovative film students can use video production gear to set up some amazing fundraisers. This video, from the StreamGeeks, helps to demonstrate how the team uses YouTube Live with IFTTT to launch confetti cannons, bubble machines, and much more to thank live viewers for donations. Paul Richards the book author and chief streaming officer for the StreamGeeks, helps non-profits and students who are passionate about charity learn how to use this type of technology.

The Virtual Ticket Book
The Virtual Ticket Book

Selling Virtual Tickets

Student film-makers can also learn how to host private live streams in order to sell virtual tickets to make money for their projects. Students can download the book for free at to get started with the learning. Students can upload their films to websites like Vimeo in order to sell rental or subscription fees. Students can also host live events at their schools in order to fundraise for clubs or organizations they believe in. Selling virtual access to online events is a great way for students interested in the video to team up with their school broadcast club. By learning how to host private live streams, students can learn how to monetize their efforts can raise money for all sorts of great causes.

Where can you get the book

The Virtual Ticket is available for free from and directly on Amazon. You can watch the video below to learn a little bit more about the book. The book is intended for video production and event management students.

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