Insta360 EVO and HTC Focus Deliver Camera to Headset Connection

Just after the release of the insta360 VR app for oculus go, and gear VR which enabled you to playback from your Evo or one X just after recording insta360 Has dropped another amazing update on us. This morning insta360 announced a new partnership with HTC that will take us to Another level of creating VR content. The insta 360 Evo is the newest foldable VR camera that allows you to record both 360 and VR180 with the same camera. And now if you’ve got a Vive Focus or Focus Plus, you will be able to have instant wireless playback and real-time VR preview during the VR capture with the EVO. THAT’S RIGHT YOU CAN NOW HAVE LIVE PREVIEW TO YOUR VIVE FOCUS OR FOCUS PLUS  HEADSET FROM YOUR INSTA360 EVO CAMERA. The HTC vive focus and vive focus plus both feature multi-mode capability. Multimode capability lets users connect their headsets to a wide range of 3rd party devices – everything from smartphones to gaming consoles.
To pair up your insta360 Evo with the HTC vive focus or focus plus you’ll need to download the Insta360 VR app from HTC Viveport App Store Once installed you’ll be able to connect directly to the insta360 EVO’s onboard Wi-Fi. At that point, you’ll be able to playback any of your recorded VR180 in 3D or 360 photos or videos directly from a high-speed Wi-Fi connection You’ll also be able to transfer your footage to the headset for later playback. But the really big development is being able to have a real-time view of what you’re recording with your Insta360 EVO. This makes an Already amazing VR camera even more so when combined with an HTC vive focus or focus plus. If you want to score your own Insta360 Evo there’s a link below that will get you and Evo plus a free selfie stick prices start at $419.99 The HTC Vive Focus is price at $599 and  the HTC Vive Focus Plus currently sells for $799

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