How to Create a Budget Lighting Rig: Massive Spread and Enough Power to Boot

By Gabriel Garcia Rosa

My friend Danny Mirabal shared with me this affordable lightweight lighting kit for $198 that we use once in a while when we don’t want to carry heavy equipment. I just wanted to share this affordable kit that can be used in any shoot, particularly in documentaries.

This is what you will need:

  • 2 Aputure Amaran H198 LED lights.
  • Triple Camera Flash Speedlite Mount Holder Cold Shoe Mount Flash Stand Bracket Adjustable Hot Shoe Adapter for Speedlight.
  • Octagonal Speedlite, Studio Flash Softbox, Foldable Umbrella Reflector.
  • Impact Umbrella Bracket

You hook up the Impact Umbrella Bracket to the light stand. Then put on the Triple Camera Flash Mount Holder then the Octo Softbox. Add the Aputure H198 lights and lastly put on the diffuser. This light is the equivalent of a 300 watt light.  It will give you massive spread and enough power to boot. It’s lightweight enough to move from location to location without any trouble. It is also quick enough to rig up, so you won’t miss anything when shooting a documentary.




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