Community Spotlight: Hande Zerkin, Documentary Filmmaker & Street Photographer

Hande Zerkin
Izmir, Turkey

* Make a good plan.
* Record your videos.
* Take notes and journal about your project

I started to make films in university. I graduated Aegean University, Faculty of Communication, Radio TV Cinema Department. When I started, I didn’t have any idea how I can make a film. But, I watched films, read cinema books, took photos, attended lessons. Then I realized that this is only way that I can tell stories to people for me. So, I’ve been making short documentaries and taking photos since 2007.

Hande Zerke

I prefer directing my own films. For other projects, I frequently work as Cinematographer or Cameraperson. I’m also taking photos and this gives me great point of view and understanding for being behind the camera. I directed a few short films and documentaries, and attended festivals. I talked with people, they gave me feedback. Now, I’m trying to make films that have more meaning and quality.

I’m using the Canon 5D Mark II, so this is my favorite camera. It’s small with a 50mm lens, and I can bring it anywhere I want. Also for making interviews I always prefer using my Canon with 50mm. Besides, I use analog cameras for taking photos. My favorite cameras are Lubitel B, Praktica LTL, Diana CMYK.

Now, I’m working on two projects. One of them – I will make a Remix Video for “Remapping Europe” project. It’s about immigrants who live in Tarlabasi/Istanbul. We will try to make awareness for and reflect point of view about immigrants’ problems. The other project is about Mr. Mümin who lives in his own vineyard. This area will get destroyed in a few months, and we’re recording this process with my friend Gözde Efe. Additionally, I’m working on my master thesis is about “Violence in Coen Brothers’ Films.”  I have a website I’m sharing lots of news about my projects.

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