Film Festivals Then and Now

  • Film Festivals Then and Now

    Posted by Maura on 2021-09-24 at 4:56 AM

    Film Festivals are one of the best methods to gather like-minded enthusiasts in the same place! During a festival, outstanding motion pictures are being viewed and rated. Newcomers also have their chance of standing out with their new productions. Another important component of festivals is networking, because they allow participants to exchange ideas and make new connections.
    The past years have been challenging and many festivals were postponed or cancelled. However, the history of Film Festivals starts in August 1932, in Venice. Movies such as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde ware screened during that time. A few years later, World War II began, but that did not stopped Film Festivals from being held. Every decade comes with challenges, but no matter how tough they are, they can always be overcome by a handful of people who bring their passion to life.

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  • István

    2021-09-24 at 6:55 AM

    In a decade, the history of Film Festivals will be 100 years long. Many things happened in the past century, but this didn’t stopped the industry from evolving and from growing. Even now, I saw that there are many Film Festivals that are being held online and some that are being held offline with special regulations.