Go Retro: Analog TV Looks | TV Damage Inside Media Composer

From Boris FX~

“In 2018, we’re riding a 1980s nostalgia wave. It seems like every day a new reboot is announced. Magnum P.I. is coming back, and we’re not sure how we’re supposed to survive until Stranger Things returns. All of this love for the analog era has us reminiscing about the days of antenna acrobatics to get a clear picture on your TV. We can’t turn back time, but we can easily add awesome retro TV looks right inside Media Composer.

“Sapphire TVDamage has you covered for adding static, ghosting, scanlines, VCR fast-forward, and interference. Check out Avid Editor, Damien LeVeck, as he demonstrates how to use TVDamage to create cool 1980’s home movie looks with Sapphire.”

For more information, visit: https://borisfx.com/products/sapphire/

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