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From iMovie to Final Cut Pro X

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From iMovie to Final Cut Pro X offers an accessible, introductory guide to those taking up video editing using Final Cut Pro X, especially users making the transition from iMovie, Apple’s free video software, helping aspirational and mobile filmmakers develop the skills needed to take their career to the next stage. Written by award-winning former Apple Education trainer and Final Cut Pro expert Tom Wolsky, this full-color book illuminates the key differences between these two applications and teaches users how to produce first-class results using the professional application. Wolsky also covers best practices for those working with iMovie on an iPhone or iPad and looking to move to a more advanced desktop program. Downloadable Final Cut Pro X project libraries included with the book offer readers hands-on examples of the techniques and practices discussed. Covers Final Cut Pro X 10.3.1.
By Tom Wolsky Routledge 408 pages | 150 Color Illus. Paperback: 9781138209978 pub: 2017-03-27

Table of Contents

1. Getting Started 2. Organizing 3. Editing 4. Audio 5. Titles 6. Effects 7. Transformations 8. Compositing 9. Outputting



“Wolsky repeatedly returns to Final Cut Pro X’s iMovie roots to anchor the reader, and then springboards forward into the pro features. This book builds a transitional experience, sensibly framed and liberally illustrated. It will bring many talented new users happily into FCPX.” –Loren S. Miller, Independent Producer and Editor “I can’t think of anyone more suited than Tom Wolsky to write this book. Not only does he have a long history of explaining editing technology to novices and advanced students, he has the industry experience to back it up. As you outgrow iMovie and want to do more, Tom will guide you smoothly into Final Cut Pro X.” –Philip Hodgetts, President, Lumberjack System and Intelligent Assistance “I never thought I¹d be saying this, but a book is a great way to learn video editing. Tom Wolsky¹s From iMovie to Final Cut Pro X takes the confusion out of moving to Final Cut Pro X, and it CAN be confusing.” –Michael Horton, Founder of the Los Angeles Creative Pro User Group

About the Author

Tom Wolsky is a founding director of the Digital Media Academy, where he taught Final Cut Pro for many years. Tom is the author of several Final Cut and video production instructional books as well as DVDs for FCP, Final Cut Studio, and Mac OS X for Class on Demand, where his training has won multiple Telly and Horizon Interactive awards. Before teaching, he worked in the film and television industry for more than 40 years.

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