Youtube Video Competition with a total prize of 10,000 USD


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Video editors of all levels are welcome to participate in the Youtube Video Competition Remitano Lightning League organized by cryptocurrency exchange Remitano to:
  • Show your editing skills
  • Promote your products on Youtube
  • Grasp the chance to become Brand Ambassadors of Remitano with a 1-year cooperation contract.
Simple steps
  1. Create videos reviewing Remitano’s products (2-10 minutes in length)
  2. Upload to your own Youtube channel according to the rules
  3. Comment the links to the contest’s post:

The videos will be assessed by the community in terms of popularity, as well as by Remitano to see if they are meaningful, beautiful and impressive. In round 2, the videos of the top 30 will be uploaded to the official Youtube channel of Remitano to determine the winner.

The more videos we get, the greater the prize you receive. The top 30 may get the total prize of 8,000 USD! There are also special awards and privileges for the top 100.

Joining time: 13 May - 13 Aug 2020. The final results will be announced on 15 Sep 2020 GMT +7.

Find out more to get the prize and become Brand Ambassadors of Remitano!