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What is the best lap to for editing or would you ever consider using a lap top?
Depending on what kind of editing if it’s light editing possibly 4K, most Mac book pro’s will work fine, my friend edits on his a lot. As for the best laptop I personally don’t like to edit on the laptop unless I have to, you have to take in screen size and storage, and if it’s anything more than 4K you’re going to have to make sure the processor is fast and has a hefty GPU and at least 32gb of memory. That probably didn’t give you the exact answer you wanted, let me know if you have any other questions.

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Thank you. It's a good answer. Dell gave us some business credit and looking to get our magazine layout/editor something and she says she wants to work on some 4K editing as well. I want to be sure I use the credit wisely. I have thought about several options. the xps15, xps13 and beefing up her desktop and also getting myself something that can edit in a pinch. The thing is I travel a good bit each year. Going to NAB in a few months and then at least 4 more tradeshows plus I have a hot desk in NYC. So, portability is important for me and Jody also moves around a lot although she has a great home office with a Dell XPS tower which we could upgrade. I really was not thinking the 32gb of memory was a big deal but not I am thinking more about that as well. The main problem is the GPU with the laptops but also cooling becomes an issue with the lastest fastest CPUs. If they get too hot they slow down until they cool off.

Another thing that is important I think is what software. I am not a professional editor but trying to learn and what I think is that the Davinci Resolve requires the Heavy Duty GPU where Adobe does not. My editor uses Indesign to layout and designs the magazine and it will run with the built-in graphics on the XPS13 but then I am wondering if the screen size is going to be an issue. What software do you use to edit videos with?
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The XPS15 9570 is a good one for editing and is fast, if you use resolve there are settings you can change on it to make the playback and some of the stress off the boy by lowering the quality while you edit it probably won’t be very noticeable on the the screen of the laptop until you zoom in, then you can export in full quality.