www.FirstRun.tv starts 2nd quarter on the air with addition of 13 web series!


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FirstRun.TV's "Online Primetime TV" line-up expands to include comedy, drama, action, suspense, extreme sports, talk, kids', instructional, and sci-fi

FirstRun.tv (www.FirstRun.tv) - the online television network aimed at viewers with smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, starts its second quarter on the air with the addition of thirteen new series produced by independent content creators, as well as through alliances with new programming partners. After a three-month preview period, www.FirstRun.tv went live in July, 2011 with only three shows - "THE CYA", a comedy about an obsolete top secret agency that the government forgot still existed, "Almost Scary", a spoof horror/thriller series with the slogan, "The only thing louder than your scream... will be your laugh!", and "In The Rough", a golf-themed drama. During its initial quarter of operation, the web-based network quickly built a development slate of more than thirty projects, some of which will be produced by FirstRun.tv's production arms, StoryArc New Media and Hybrid Sports TV.

Shows being added to FirstRun.tv's new schedule now, and in the coming weeks, include:

"About Abby" (Comedy - Channel 1) - Abby is an early-20's optimist fresh out of an ended relationship. She suddenly finds herself dating in the scurrilous Los Angeles singles' scene, but she won't give up her belief in fairy-tale romance.

"Saving Rent" (Comedy - Channel 1) - Mike and Kelley are a young couple from Boston who move to Los Angeles just as the recession hits. After buying a large house they couldn't afford to begin with, Mike loses his job, but doesn't tells Kelley. Instead, he rounds up six peculiar and unlikely roommates to move in, pay rent, and save the house from foreclosure. Mike and Kelley will survive the recession, but will they survive their roommates?

"Captain Alpha Male" (Comedy - Channel 1) - Captain Alpha Male is the world's first middle-management superhero. He works for The Agency, a medium-sized superhero corporation, and is on the brink of a huge job promotion. But when he's passed over in favor of Super Sugar, a young, beautiful female hero rising quickly through the ranks, can an Alpha Male suck up his pride and work for an Alpha Female?

"Pieces" (Drama/Suspense - Channel 3) - After a freak accident, Jacob Clarke discovers he has a brain tumor and starts hearing a "voice" that leads him into a mysterious new world. He finds himself in the middle of a puzzle, on the run from the law and hiding from a gang. As a result of following the voice's instructions, the life Jacob knew is shattered to pieces.

"Cyphers" (Drama/Suspense - Channel 3) - A group of individuals witness unexplained phenomena and through investigation they uncover treacherous organizations obsessed with controlling food and water supplies. Each person is drawn, willingly or unwillingly, deeper into the conspiracies.

"Luke 11:17" (Drama/Suspense - Channel 3) - Luke has reached evangelist celebrity status for his work in helping recovering addicts, all while having his own demons to overcome. Amidst sold out crowds, aggressive female admirers, a sister he keeps locked away, and a therapist trying to make sense of it all, Luke finds himself struggling with his dark side.

"Heroes Of The North" (Action/Adventure - Channel 4) - A group of superheroes fight deadly foes including the infamous MEDUSA, a worldwide terrorist organization run by a former Nazi scientist.

"Kids Inc. Presents: The Making of Hollywood Kids" (Kids & Family - Channel 5) - Teens and tweens ages five to seventeen who desire to act, model, sing, and dance audition for enrollment into the Hollywood Kids Talent BootCamp. The kids are professionally coached in all disciplines, but with a twist: they won't know which workshops they'll attend until they draw cards. For example, when they pick a dance card, instead of hip-hop, it could wind up being the Waltz. The season concludes with a production featuring all the kids and their newly-acquired talents.

"Performance-X" (Extreme Sports - Channel 6) - The series follows athletes who engage in extreme action sporting activities. In addition to presenting astonishing feats, each athlete tells his or her story of how they got started with the sport and where it is taking them. The series includes unique interactive technology that allows viewers to click on areas of the screen and find out more information as each episode plays.

"Youth Power!" (Talk - Channel 7) - Connected by online technology, five exceptionally gifted, yet down-to-earth teen girls, from different cultures and parts of the world, explore and debate current issues that impact their lives and the future of today's youth. It's a global glimpse into the point of view of the generation that is next in line to lead the world.

"DON'T Do It Yourself!" (Instructional - Channel 8) - Finally, an honest do-it-yourself show! Attempting that home improvement project that you thought would be easy might just land you in the emergency room! In each episode, hosts Bob & Rob humorously dive into three different do-it-yourself efforts that typically turn into disastrous fiascos.

"Easy Made" (Instructional - Channel 8) - On a more serious note, each episode covers quick and easy "how to" presentations on all types of popular home activities including cooking, gardening, quilting, crafts, and more.

"Alpha Planet" (Science Fiction - Channel 10) - The year is 2256. Two-hundred years ago man's neglect of planet Earth rendered it uninhabitable. The entire human civilization has since lived on refuge ships in space. Supplies are running short and the ships are in need of repair. Four explorers have been sent back to Earth to determine if the planet has recovered and can once again support human life.

FirstRun.tv (www.FirstRun.tv) was launched in 2011 by Gary Kleinman who worked for the Walt Disney Studios for 23 years, most recently as Vice President, New Media Technology.