workflow while cutting promo..


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hey guys,

need help. i am cutting a promo for a friend's student film, which he has shot on film.. he wants me to cut a promo for him.. i need some suggestions as to how can i streamline my workflow.. his final edit is not done, so i have to cut the promo using shots from his edit timeline.. he is working on FCP 6.. i have conformed the rushes to 24 fps from 25 fps (working on PAL).. now, my problem is that after cutting the promo from 24 FPS rushes, on a 24 fps timeline, i need to finally make the promo for television braodcast (720 X 576, PAL).. any suggestions what work flow i should use? will Media Manager be of any help? i do not and cant tamper with my original footage, and dont want to reverse telecine it from Cinema Tools.. what can i do?



If they can take a full rez QT file, use Compressor. If you need to deliver the whole project, then make a copy of it. Make a copy of the FCP project file, all your media, everything, on a separate drive. Once you open that copy, you may or may not need to relink it all, then use Cinema Tools, which really is the best way to do it.

Or, use Media Manager to make a full self complete clone. Either way, you keep your untouched original, and have a copy you can use CT on.