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paulien schaper
The netherlands
I took this photo last February on the bank of the river Waal in Nijmegen. The water was extremely high, as you can see the bridge is out of order. Then it started to freeze severely...... It turned out to be a great combination. Take a seat and enjoy.

My name is Paulien Schaper, I live in the Netherlands.
Fotolocation: Nijmegen
Camera: Nikon D5200
Lens: Nikkor 18 - 135, no filters.
Slightly edited in lightroom
I am still a hobyist but planning to learn more.


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Maura B.

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Hello @paulien ! Thank you for entering our contest!
Wow, this is something that you don't see everyday. You have captured a very different moment.
Good luck!

Robert Miller

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I am puzzled. What happened when you took this photo? Did the snow melt and it left all that water? The bench is frozen but there is water which means that it is cold, but not so cold. Regardless, it is a very good photo!
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